From Go-Go boots to mod dresses, here are the trending looks inspired by 60s fashion!

If 1960s style could be described in one word, it would be effervescent. 60s style was enthusiastic and loud, colourful and fun. And modern fashion designers still draw inspiration from it today. The Swinging Sixties brought with it an era of bold patterns and bolder colours. Of classic pieces with a fresh twist. Of ultra-chic accessories and sleek, feminine dresses.

For years, the fashion world has drawn inspiration from 90s and early-00s style. The stark minimalism of the 90s, and the relaxed-yet-maximalist nature of the 00s are taking over mainstream trends. But in an interview with Nylon Magazine, celebrity stylist Madison Guest noted that we’re seeing a shift from that style.

For two years, the pandemic almost completely restricted our style to loungewear. Even though we’re shifting towards office-wear now, near-constant lockdowns for two years haven’t given us a platform to experiment with our styles. Therefore, it’s only natural that we’re leaning towards a brighter, looser, and effervescent style.

60s fashion is as relevant today as it was back then. As a result, it’s no surprise we’re having a revival of 60s trends right now. The new season acts as the perfect time to refresh our styles into something brighter, bolder, and full of personality. Here are the trending 60s inspired pieces in 2022:

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a classic 60s era statement. The entire outfit is built around a sleek, (usually) two-tone colour palette that one would accent with statement accessories and boots. Colours often complement or contrast against each other, creating a fun, youthful aesthetic. Colour blocking is also possible with singular pieces like jackets or coats: one could go for contrast labels, seams, or even accented accessories. Although the 60s style codes apply even today, we primarily see colour blocking in layered outfits. For instance, we’d pair sleek colourful coats with blocked trousers, tops, and accessories. We also see colour blocked pieces like sweaters, dresses, jackets, and more.

60s inspired fashion street style

Oren Siddo

Fun—or Funky—Accessories

Instagram has completely embraced the ‘funky accessories’ trend. Statement jewelry is a fun and accessible way to elevate your look. Although this trend goes hand-in-hand with the 00s revival, statement jewelry was a popular trend in 60s fashion, and was often referred to as ‘pop-art jewelry’.

Patches are also a fun and funky accessory. If you’re really into 60s fashion, you can buy or order some vintage embroidery patches to match your outfits. You can even upload some pictures with 60s fashion elements on GS-JJ to design your own unique embroidery patches. These custom embroidery patches feature unique patterns and exquisite quality. Use them to adorn your clothes or bags to add more to your revived style. Welcome to making your custom embroidery patches!

Go-Go Boots

With its mid-calf, low heel silhouette, the Go-Go boot blends seamlessly into modern style. Originally introduced by André Courreges in the 60s, the Go-Go boots were inspired by the young dancers at Whisky a Go-Go. Their style soon became a favourite of women nationwide, both then and now.

Go-Go Boots 60s Fashion


Mod Style Dresses

The Mod Style dress came into fashion as a rebellion towards the restrictive silhouette of ’50s women’s fashion. It was breathable and light, yet sleek and stylish. It became an almost-instant classic, and is a style that’s popular even today.

Statement Prints

No 60s-revival list is complete without mentioning the era’s bold, statement prints. Leopard print was a staple statement print in the 60s. And women often wore complete head-to-toe leopard print ensembles. Apart from leopard, prints like checkerboard, florals, psychedelic, and warped prints were popular for mod-style dresses. Sometimes, people combined clashing prints into one outfit, such as a suit with a striped blazer and checkered trousers. (In bright orange, and worn with pink heels, of course).

Today, we wear prints as statement pieces, but we’re particularly fond of warped checkerboard prints and psychedelic prints.

60s Fashion Print



Apart from these, many other 60s era trends are having a comeback. For instance, cut-outs, skinny scarves, chic head scarves, Mary-Janes, and faux leather and vinyl pieces. It’s no surprise that 60s fashion is relevant even today. The era was defined by classic pieces with a fresh, colourful twist. Ultra-stylish, sleek, effortless, and fun, 60s fashion has certainly left its mark on today’s fashion world.

Published by HOLR Magazine.