All about Canadian outerwear brand, Norden, its sustainability mission, and the brand’s latest FW21 lineup.

HOLR is sitting down with Norden’s Head of Marketing, Mikaëla Craig, to discuss the brand’s newest seasonal launch and how they are incorporating sustainability measures into their products and practices. As a sustainable fashion outerwear brand, Norden is a go-to for Canadians looking to combat the cold winter months.

Keep reading to learn all about the brand, its goals, and what to shop from the latest line.

How is Norden filling a void in the fashion industry?

We’ve accepted that if life on Earth is going to be viable in the future, we have to make better choices about the way we live now. Our mission at NORDEN is to provide you those choices with outerwear that tends to the needs of our environment and makes you feel good outside.

 Tell us about Norden’s latest Fall/Winter 2021 outerwear collection.

Our Fall/Winter 2021 outerwear collection offers minimalist styles, utilitarian designs, and comfortable materials that expand and embody the brand’s versatility. Norden’s jackets are insulated with recycled and repurposed materials, such as Polartec® Power Fill™, a premium solution for insulation made of 100% recycled materials, to combat the colder Canadian months. Many of our jackets are seam-sealed which allows the garment to be water-resistant and helps in staying dry.

This collection also carries our core collection, which includes styles such as Inga, Tova, Anja, Matias, and Anderson, which are Norden’s brand-favourites made to fit clients’ needs for warm, timeless, and durable jackets. Additionally, the brand develops seasonal styles including Parkas, Puffers, and accessories that have minimal, sophisticated, and contemporary lines and colours that align with their customers’ ever-evolving needs. 

 How do Norden products embody the brand’s versatility?  

All jackets are made from 100% recycled materials while ensuring optimal design and functionality. 

Versatility comes with good design as well as high-quality materials. Our Jackets are minimalist both in style as well as in construction which makes the coats extremely versatile. While they can be adapted to any style, the idea behind our coats is that they suit each and everyone’s lifestyle from nature to city.

Can you talk to us about Norden’s brand mission and sustainability goals?

Our goal is to redefine outerwear. We are achieving this with a 360 approach – from design to sourcing, producing, and shipping. Our entire business model is designed to have the smallest possible carbon footprint; consuming less energy, less water, and giving off less GHG emissions than traditional manufacturing.  All of NORDEN’s fabrics and hardware are made from local recycled and repurposed materials, even our polyester, nylon, insulation, and zippers. The bulk of our linings are by ®Repreve; fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, to actively address unnecessary landfill waste. Our eco-friendly, water-repellent finish by ®RUCO-DRY ECO PLUS brings a high-wash resistance with sustainable performance.

Where can we shop for Norden outerwear?

Norden outerwear is available across North America online at

Norden is also carried by several retailers across Canada:

  • Simons
  • Holt Renfrew
  • Sportscheck
  • Imperative
  • Moo Shoes
  • FGL
  • Modeco
  • A Kind Heart
  • Belle et Rebelle

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