An Ontario grandmother is the victim of another online romance scam after unknowingly transporting cocaine to Hong Kong.

This is not the first time this Ontario-based 64-year-old grandmother has allegedly been caught up in an online romance scam, as mentioned here.

The Canadian woman- Suzana Thayer- took her first trip outside of the country earlier this month to Ethiopia and was scheduled to meet her online romance in Hong Kong. Thayer was set to meet a man she met on Facebook, named James Caywood. However, Caywood never showed up leaving Thayer imprisoned in Hong Kong after unknowingly transporting cocaine during her travels.

Ontario Grandmother Imprisoned in Hong Kong

Thayer’s daughter Angela tried to stop her mother from going but Thayer insisted, wanting to travel. Upon departing for Hong Kong from Ethiopia, Thayer was gifted a suitcase from a man who told her it contained a gift from Caywood. Inside the suitcase were “pieces of clothing lined with buttons that were stuffed with one kilogram of cocaine” as mentioned here.

Thayer was ultimately arrested in a Hong Kong airport on drug trafficking charges. In order to help her mother and spread “awareness for online dating,” Angela has since launched a GoFundMe campaign.

Angela states her mother is “1,000 per cent innocent” of drug trafficking.

Online Romance Scam

Thayer was reportedly approached by Caywood online while creating I’ve Been Conned: A Book for Dummies. Thayer developed this book after she lost “more than $200,000 to a man who said he was a doctor with the United Nations in Syria” who identified himself under the name Walter Williams.

It is believed by Thayer’s daughter that Thayer thought she was married to the person and subsequently sent them money via online transfers. Thayer reportedly also received a marriage certificate, which was ultimately deemed fake by provincial police.

Published by HOLR Magazine.