Holistic Nutritional Consultant Katarina Banovic has released a plant-based recipe book just in time for the holidays. The book aptly titled, Original Food, provides over 30 delicious recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options to smoothies and snacks. Implementing nutrient dense fruit, veggies and spices has never been easier with this recipe book that the whole family can enjoy.

Katarina, also a Soul Coach, has struggled with a lot of issues, from an early childhood bronchial allergy, to fatigue and insomnia. She has been able to reverse most of her conditions through her holistic approach on
dieting. “I believe in the individualʼs power and their capability to persevere, create opportunities, and maintain health at the core base of their livelihood,” said Banovic.

Banovic hopes her recipes reach a lot of people, as she knows how nourishing meals can bring about a change into a personʼs life. Following the launch of Original Food, Katarina has also released a new video series for people to follow along during the holidays. HOLR Magazine has partnered with Katarina to release 10 videos each weekday leading up to Christmas with the last video to be released on Christmas Eve. The videos feature easy-to-follow recipes that are all plant-based and highlight the nutritional benefits of each recipe.

Purchase the e-book version of Original Food here.

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About Katarina Banovic

Katarina Banovic is an Artist-turned-Nutritionist, who is turning her
hobby of cooking nutritional food into a youtube channel with recipe
videos, and has just released her first recipe book, Original Food. Katarina helps guide
people with the right tools for improving their well-being from inside out.
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