If you’re an adult that wears make-up chances are you’ve fallen victim to a fad. These formerly fashionable moments have made suckers of us all. We’re not just talking about low-rise jeans, velour tracksuits with adjectives bedazzled across the ass, crimped hair, dip dye, butterfly clips and visible G-strings though, god help us, this one seems to be making a comeback… 

Beyond fashion, we’ve certainly fallen to a few make-up fad moments over the years, pencil-thin brows, body glitter, overdone lip liner, hell, in the Elizabethan times they used lead makeup and that’s surely something they’d regret. 

However, we’re talking about a timeless trend that’s here to stay: radiant, dewy, fresh-faced looks. It’s long been a go-to look for celebs but, luckily for us, it’s very easily achievable for everyone! Here are our top tips to get a beautiful glowy summertime look – don’t worry you can still rock this look in the depths of winter!

All About That Base

To (almost) quote Meghan Trainor, when it comes to any makeup look it’s really ‘all about that base.’ When you’re prepping your skin for a glowy look use serums and moisturizers that advertise themselves as brightening or skin-tone evening. The ingredients you’ll want to be on the look out for are vitamin C which blocks pigment production, vitamin B3 which slows pigment by lightening dark spots or resorcinol, alpha-arbutin which use active ingredients to break down pigment for a more even skin tone.

To step up your look with an instant glow you might want to consider adding a glotion to your skincare routine. This adorably named invention works by combining all the hydration of a moisturiser with the glow of a highlighter with humectant ingredients instantly drawing moisture to your skin and finely milled minerals in the lotion such as mica will give your skin that subtle no make-up. To check out some great products that will give you the glowy base of your dreams, head to the Victorian Cosmetic Institute.

Get That Glow

The key to a radiant summertime look is your glow. To keep your look clean and to catch the light like you’re a cast member on Euphoria, you want to perfect your highlight. You’ve got your base perfected so now you need to make sure your high points are popping. When picking a highlighter the most important thing to consider is your natural skin tone and whether that would be best complemented by yellow gold, silver or rose gold-tinted highlighter? To learn more about which highlighters would complement your skin tone, check out this article. Our pro tip? Spritz your makeup brush with some water before dipping it into a powder highlighter this will help create a dramatic almost-chrome look. Watch out Zendaya!

Blush Baby

An essential part of creating a healthy glow is making sure you have enough natural colour to balance out your highlight. Our advice is to gravitate more towards cream or liquid blushes focusing on the apples of your cheeks. These blushes will exude a dewy, flushed glow and ultimately will look more natural than a shimmery powder blush. Pick a colour that compliments your skin tone and echoes the tones used in the rest of your look.

Go In For Gloss

Think back to the times of frosted tips and frosted lips: that’s right, we’re talking about the early 2000s baby! Cast your mind back to the times we worshipped at the altar of Hilary Duff, JT, Chad Michael Murray, Melissa Joan Hart and the cast of Dawson’s Creek. Go old-school sexy with gorgeous glossy lips. Paired perfectly with a dewy hydrated look, either gloss your whole lip generously or dab a bit in the center to catch the light. Plus, for those midday touch-ups, gloss is a lot easier to reapply than a matte lipstick. 

Keep It Clean

With a look that’s all about au-naturel, you’re going to want to keep your eyes clean and simple. For some fresh-faced, barely-there looks simply curling your lashes and filling in your brows can be enough, however, a thin wand mascara comb on both your upper and lower lashes can help to accentuate your lashes. Blondes might want to opt for a brown mascara as well to keep the look realistic. Go get ‘em, Bambi!