Travel nowadays looks a little different and can be intimidating. We have compiled a list of items that will make your flight to your next flight seamless.


Having a mask that fits well and is comfortable is key for flying. Having a mask that fits well will help keep you safe and the people around you safe. Finding a mask that is made from a comfortable material is key as well. The Herschel Classic Fitted Face Mask is a great option, made with three layers, a spot for a standard removable filter, and comfortable material. This mask is designed to fit close to your face with adjustable ear straps and a nose bridge. Double masking is now being highly recommended and would keep yourself and others even safer.

Hand Sanitizer

Your favourite hand sanitizer is a key to travelling. You will need to be sanitizing quite a bit during your journey so make sure to choose a sanitizer you like. Touchland is a great option for this. Their misting sprays smell magnificent, are hydrating for your hands and have 10x more doses than a gel sanitizer.

Disinfecting Wipes

Airlines are taking proper cleaning protocols when it comes to airplanes, but sometimes you need the reassurance of cleaning your area yourself. This is where a travel pack of disinfecting wipes comes in handy. Flat and compact they take up very little room in your bag but will put you at ease.

Besides the COVID-19 must-haves, there are a few tricks and tips that will make your flying experience the best it can be.

Travel Pillow

If you are going to be on a long flight a travel pillow is a must. Designed specifically for sleeping upright, your in-flight nap will be forever changed.

Eye Mask

Sleeping on a plane can be difficult. Your seatmate might be reading and turn on their light, or they may prefer to have the window shield up the whole flight. Having a sleeping mask will allow for a blissful sleep while waiting to arrive at your destination.

Lip Chap

Flying, in general, tends to dry you out but flying with a mask does even more so. Make sure to pack your favourite lip chat.

Slides and Socks

Slides are the perfect flying shoe. Having the ability to easily slide your shoes off during the flight is so nice and when needed you can just easily slide them back on. Make sure you pack warm socks, frequently the plane can be a bit chilly!

After taking a major break from flying it can be a bit intimidating to get back into it, but all these little items will ease your mind!

Published by HOLR Magazine.