White sand fills the shoreline and the beach stretches for miles. The ocean is blue as blue can be and so clear that when you peer down at your feet you can see your toes curl into the sandy bottom.

The untouched and uncluttered shoreline offered a haven for colourful fish and small stingrays to swim and coexist peacefully amongst the swimmers.

Although definitely not a shopper’s paradise , this is a relaxer’s dream. There isn’t an overwhelming market for anything other than tourist-y goods, which forces you to stay on the beach and in the ocean for the majority of your time – disconnecting from your daily life and soaking up that vacation sun.

For those in need of a week to unwind and gather their thoughts, this place would be the ideal place for you.



We rented a beautiful three-bedroom unit overlooking the ocean and pool in the beautiful and extravagant Somerset Resort. From a beautiful pool that leads out to the vast ocean, to the delicious restaurants, and poolside eats, The Somerset offered all the amenities you could possibly desire.



Island Vibes Tours’ catamaran and snorkelling excursion was a highlight of the week.

We spent the day on and under the water, snorkelling along beautiful reefs where a multitude of colourful fish and a gentle giant, a reef shark, swam around us. Our guides we’re hilarious and an absolute riot from the second we stepped aboard. From the minute we set sail to the second we docked I was laughing and having the most amazing time.

They filled us with the island’s Rum Punch – a drink that packs a killer and delicious punch of fruity flavours and alcohol. They served us fresh Conch Salad and barbecue. Conch Salad is a traditional dish in Turks and Caicos and is know as an islander’s favourite. It consists of mixed greens, veggies and of course Conch, which may not be everybody’s favourite flavour or texture, But I would definitely recommend trying it.

We made a pit stop at Little Water Cay, also known as Iguana Island, where we walked among iguanas and tanned on the white sandy beach. This tour was all in all an A+ adventure.


Because the town in Turks & Caicos is not overly built up yet, most of the resorts offer a variety of activities and rentals. You can rent an abundance of water sport equipment including smaller sail boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. If you’ve never sailed before the amazing staff will accompany you out onto the water and show you the ins and outs of how to sail the boat. If you want to take it easier but still want to get on the water then hop in a kayak or on a paddle board.


Honestly, I would have never imagined that the most amazing cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in my entire life would be found in an Asian restaurant called Chopsticks in Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos; but man-oh-man, my mouth still waters when I think back to that delicious slice of creamy heaven. Oh, and the lemon chicken and fried rice is also flavourful and delicious here!

From Asian to Mexican, a little café bar lounges right on the beach called Somewhere and is the perfect atmosphere for a casual and fun evening out. Serving up chips and guac with a fantastic Margarita, you can watch the sun set over the ocean while listening to great music soaking up all the amazing vibes. I devoured one of the most delicious burritos I’ve ever eaten and could have easily spent every night returning to this venue.

Da Conch Shack provided more island-style food with rice, beans, conch salad, and barbecued meat specials on their menu. This venue was fun and lively tailoring to those who love a little live music while they eat! The picnic tables sit directly on the beach and the band plays, welcoming you to get up and dance post-, pre-, or during your meal.


An Island Fish Fry is held every Thursday night from 5:30 until 9:30 at Bight Park. This event holds a multitude of different vendors serving up fresh food, fun drinks, and handmade knickknacks. The Fish Fry promotes a family-style setting with live entertainment and performances by local bands, dancers, comedic acts, and everything in between.  Both locals and tourists alike are invited to participate in the fun and games.Whether you’re drinking alcohol out of a pineapple, chowing down on fresh barbecue, dancing along to the live music, or just hanging out, there is something for everyone!

Post Fish Fry head over to Karaoke at Danny Buoy’s. They have great food, even better cocktails, and is the perfect laid-back atmosphere to end the night.

Most of the island’s hotels and resorts host a Beach Barbecue night so check with the reception desk to make sure you don’t miss out! The entertainment is FIRE…seriously… The Somerset resort set ablaze a giant beach bonfire and featured a fire dancer who performed breathtaking tricks like eating fire and fire baton twirling. The food is utterly delicious as the chefs set up shop directly on the beach. The DJ booth plays relaxing music during dinner and then steps it up post-dessert to get everyone up and dancing. All in all, from watching the sunset while eating, to watching someone eat fire, to dancing the night away on the beach, this night is magical.

“For a more private and luxurious experience, consider booking one of the stunning Turks and Caicos villas nearby, where you can enjoy the same breathtaking views and perhaps even organize your own exclusive beach event, making memories that will last a lifetime.”