Today the Ontario government has announced that they will be extending the stay-at-home ‘at at least’ two weeks until June 2nd.

Ontario has been under a lockdown since March 28th as the numbers for COVID-19 and its variants have been increasing rapidly. This current lockdown has caused a major change from the previous lockdown that Ontario has been going through for the last year. This lockdown has caused many more businesses to close, and the businesses that are open can only sell essential items. These items include food, pharmaceuticals, and hygiene products.

Ford had made the announcement today with a positive note, hoping this leads to, “most normal July and August possible.”

ABC News

This statement gives hope to the residents of Ontario, as this is the first week with no rain and the temperature to exceed 16 degrees. Hopefully, these ‘two weeks’ truly allow the numbers to go down and Ontario to open up again.

Ford stated, “As much as we’re seeing a decline, which is good, everyone is moving forward, we’re getting the vaccines into people’s arms, but we just can’t risk it. Just hang in there, we aren’t asking a lot, just a couple more weeks.”

As Ontario is trying to keep up the numbers and getting the most amount of people vaccinated, they hope that this allows a lot of people to be safer when the province opens, and we hope to resume what normal life we lived over a year ago.