It’s 2020, this is not the year to play it safe, especially not with fashion, especially not this fall.  This year exposed a lot of risk-takers and it paid off. I don’t see why fashion should be singled out, creativity is the language of your inner core, so let’s see what this fall says about your feet. 

Sorel managed to design footwear that’s not only chic and practical but easily transitional too. Meaning, during winter, fall or summer your footwear can be worn all year round, which is essentially ideal when shopping for footwear. 

SOREL is a footwear company, based in downtown Portland, known for their boots and sneakers, their designs are bold and edgy, screams quality at affordable pricing. They have been around since 1962, so craftmanship “is on point”. 

Stand out pairings would be the “Women’s Cate Lace bootie”, again summer, fall or winter this item compliments your wardrobe well. This is a top seller, not solely based on aesthetics, waterproof suede and rubber grip sole but this boot is known for its durable comfort. Skinny jeans, puffer, beanie…. I mean, it’s a no brainer they showing off here. 

The “Lennox Women’s Lace Boot “is my personal favourite, it reminds me of the ’90s, and we can clearly see that the 90s have made a comeback.  The tricky part is choosing between the five colour schemes; velvet tan and white being the standout nominees.  This unit also gives you the comfort of knowing its suede but also waterproof, installed with a comfortable EVA footbed comfort is guaranteed. 

This season’s men’s range provides classic tones, also deriving from 2020’s NYFW Spring/Summer Colour Palette; Pantone. 

There is a specific boot in the men’s range, that left me saying wow five times, at this point, I’m crushing hard.  The “Men’s Mac Hill Mid LTR Boot”, colour ELK and Khaki II,  it’s so beautiful I would go as far as saying this boot qualifies as a unisex unit.  No woman would be able to resist this boot nor second, guess its masculinity on a man. 

As for deceiver, I was quite impressed with this hiker-inspired by the ‘Men’s Madson Moc Toe Boot. I dubbed it the deceiver due to the stereotypical hiking features; waterproof construction, high top back rubber sole, but on the other hand it looks like a sneaker, proving it to be a qualified boot ready for anything. 

Sorel left no stone unturned with this collection, drawing inspo from this year’s NY fashion weeks’ pantone colour palette, you would be walking in the right direction, not missing a single beat.