French fashion à la Parisian is much more about the woman in the clothes than the clothes themselves. Its her attitude and her lifestyle and the way she carries herself that makes her outfit so desirable. The French girl lives by the rule: she who wears the clothes does not let them wear her.

In her armoire, you’ll find clothing that rarely changes from the evident choice of a perfectly imperfect pair of jeans, a chic blazer, a seamless tee, and a striped print dress; seldom will you find a French girl in anything other than navy, black, white, grey and earthy tones like tan, rust, and ivory. The key is keeping to this aesthetically pleasing neutral palette since bold pops of colour barely make an appearance in her wardrobe.

She stays true to her fashion sense by wearing the same things in a sequence of similar outfits instead of following the latest trends deemed popular by society – and she does so by sticking to the basics. Think minimal but captivating because the French girl is the epitome of classic elegance with a hint of nonchalance as she will never overdress. Her hair is usually air dried and her makeup; simplistic. Occasionally accessorizing with a red lip; only taking risks when it comes to handbags or shoes.

To create your own Parisian persona, try including these looks below that will have you emulating pure sophistication.

  1. A two-piece linen suit that has summers in Paris written all over it. Timeless. Elegant. Effortless. Not quite a power suit and yet not super casual either. The ivory linen is the blank canvas needed for a statement bag and shoe.

2. This dress is a no brainer if you are looking to find that French girl vibe that you can incorporate into your wardrobe – and it is undoubtedly easy to pull off. A ribbed wrap dress with bell-shaped sleeves that features the classic striped design. Pair this with a beret and you’re ready for your picnic in the park, so don’t forget your baguette!

3. A French girl is anything but average and this, is not your average blazer. This slouchy silhouette offers a cross between blouse and blazer, and is elevated with the flattering knot detail. Again, the stripes make this a perfect piece and must-have for the summer months in sweet Paris.