All the essentials for any climate destination.

Parka or Sundress? How To Pack For A Mystery Vacation

Picture this: borders are open, you’re fully vaccinated, and it has been 2 full years since your last vacation. The thirst for adventure is stronger than ever and you don’t care where you go as long as you can go anywhere–preferably miles away from your apartment. What clothes should you pack?

Pack Light

First, you want to pack light. Keep the fabric in mind when packing clothes, stay away from clothes that are bulky and heavy and select items in lighter materials like merino wool, silks, and linens. 

Outerwear Options

Outerwear is a necessity when travelling. You never know when you’ll need but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t necessarily need to bring your winter jacket, we’re packing light, remember? So instead, bring a light down jacket that can be easily stuffed in your bag all the time. Uniqlo makes a good packable down jacket that’s ideal for travelling. That should be enough to keep you warm. If you want to look more stylish than that, then bring a comfy yet chic blazer that can easily go with anything. 

Parka or Sundress? How To Pack For A Mystery Vacation

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Dresses For All

A dress is not only versatile but is also an easy no-hassle look that can make you look put together in any situation. For night outs, bring a couple of dresses appropriate for the occasion but generally, a simple dress can go a long way. Pick something simple enough that can be paired with just about anything– something that can be worn on its own or something that can pair well with tights in case it gets cold. 

Thermals, Tights, And Other Cool-Weather Appropriate Essentials

This brings me to my next point: tights, thermals and other cold-weather essentials. Thermals are great just-in-case essentials to bring to a surprise getaway. Merino wool tights and sweaters are light enough to fit your carry-on but warm enough to make you feel comfortable. It couldn’t hurt bringing statement tights too to spice up your basic travelling wardrobe. 

Essential Shoes

Sneakers are possibly the most essential travelling pair there is. As long as it’s stylish enough, you can pretty much wear it anywhere. For night-outs, bring closed-toe heels that can be worn on their own or with tights–in case it gets cold again. Lastly, bring sandals. In case you’re in a warmer climate, sandals are more comfortable to wear but if you’re not in a warm place, then you can still wear them around the hotel. 

To Recap

Pack lighter fabrics, dresses are the way to go, tights and light sweaters couldn’t hurt, and sneakers all the way. Lastly, enjoy the vacation, you deserve it! 

Published by HOLR Magazine.