Did Harry kiss Melinda Perfect Match?

HOLR breaks down the shocking episodes and alleged claims following the new series drop.

June 14, 2024– New episodes of Perfect Match Season 2 have dropped and there’s a ton of drama to unpack between Harry Jowsey, Melinda Melrose, and Jessica Vestal.

Harry And Jessica Perfect Match

Harry and Jess from Perfect Match Season 2 have been matched for the past few episodes and have seemingly been building their newfound relationship. So much so, that Harry wrote Jess a few love notes to brighten her day in episode 7.

However, in episode 8 of the latest series drop, we see the current guys and girls in the villa separate for different outings. The boys have a boy’s day while the girls have a girl’s day- although the plot twist is that the guys were visited by other girls who were previously sent home from the villa, or are new. Same thing with the girls- they were visited by new guys or guys who had previously left the villa unmatched.

This gave both the guys and the girls a chance to explore potential new matches without their current match to see if things would get shaken up between any of the couples. This proved to be an interesting test for Harry and Jessica’s relationship, which was seemingly rocked by Melinda, who previously starred in Too Hot To Handle.

Harry And Melinda Perfect Match

As we see in episode 8, Melinda and Harry get fun and flirty- so much so that Harry is spotted picking Melinda up and carrying her. However, this opened a can of worms as Melinda alleged that Harry then kissed her. Harry can be heard saying, “What are you talking about,” and looking down in the clip. “Why are you making sh*t up, Melinda,” Harry states after Melinda says he kissed her on the lips. “Don’t try to get me in trouble,” he says walking away. Melinda laughs.

The audience does not get to see the alleged kiss on camera.

Melinda alleged that the duo kissed but Harry denies it. Other Perfect Match contestants- such as Justin and Holly, questioned if the duo actually kissed or not. “I plead the fifth,” states Stevan in another clip about him seeing the kiss or not. Harry continues to claim that things are amazing with Jess and that he loves her. He also claims that Melinda is making up the scenario for “clout.”

Harry and Melinda

When Harry gets back to the villa that night, he goes straight up to his and Jess’ room and allegedly cries. When Jess comes to find him he says he’s “freaking the f*ck out.” He tells Jess that he just carried Melinda to the toilet because there were some stones and she was walking in her bare feet. “I’m upset about hurting you and that’s all,” alleges Harry about the situation.

However, we learn some more things about this alleged incident in episode 9, when Melinda and the other girls come back to the villa to talk about their day with the boys with the other girls.

Melinda validates the fact that Harry carried her to the bathroom because she didn’t have shoes on and there was gravel on the ground. However- in front of all of the girls in the villa- Melinda claims that Harry then kissed her. She then alleges that he did it again, in which she then kissed him back.

Harry and Jessica

When Harry joins the conversation, Melinda tells him that he can say they didn’t kiss but that they did. “We didn’t, who saw it?” claims Harry when asked on the spot. He also asks Melinda what she is talking about. Melinda said there was proof after their alleged kiss, in that her makeup was supposedly spotted on Harry’s nose.

Jess asks Melinda if she is “proud” of how she feels following their public conversation in which she admitted to kissing Harry.

Melinda alleges that Harry “chuckled” when Melinda asked him if he saw a future with Jess outside of the show, as they live in different places.

When Harry and Jess have a private convo following the bombshell news, he claims that he tried to meet as many people as possible during the day with the other girls, and it made him “love” Jess more by the end of it. He denies kissing Melinda in front of Jess. However, he said that he looked at Melinda’s stomach and stated, “It’d look good if you were pregnant.” He also claims he told Melinda how he feels about Jess.

Jess states that she thinks she looks like a “whole a** fool” following this bombshell claim about Melinda and Harry. Harry then claims that he is reportedly sick over the thought of losing Jess and alleges that’s why he was vomiting that night.

Jess and Melinda Perfect Match

When Jess and Melinda have a private convo, Melinda reveals that she feels gaslight and shares more alleged shocking news about her interaction with Harry. Apparently, Melinda alleges Harry stated “I just wanna f*ck you,” to her. When Melinda told him that she was 30 years old and wanted some babies, he allegedly told her, “I’ll put a baby in you. They’ll come out handsome, and tall and athletic.”

Jess is obviously shocked by what she is hearing.

So the real question is- did Harry and Melinda actually kiss? Melinda is adamant they did while Harry denies it. Other cast members claim they did not see anything. Right now it’s all about he said/she said and we don’t have physical proof so we will have to wait and see if this is the truth or a lie.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode drop? The finale of the show will drop on June 21.

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