Pete Davidson Charged With Misdemeanor After Crashing Car Into House

Pete Davidson has been charged with reckless driving after crashing a car into someone’s house.

Pete Davidson in a car looking distraught out of the window.

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Pete Davidson Car Crash

Pete Davidson has officially been charged with a misdemeanor of reckless driving after crashing his car into a home in Beverly Hills, California earlier this year. TMZ revealed that on March 4th Pete Davidson was behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz driving “at a high speed rate” in The Flats neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Law enforcement says Davidson “hopped a curb, took out a fire hydrant and then proceeded to slam into the side of a nearby house … dragging across the lawn and leaving skid marks on the grass.”

The white 2 story wood paneled house Pete Davidson crashed into. The bottom right side of the house shows damage and there are skid marks on the grass.

Credit: Apex/Mega

It is unclear how Davidson lost control of the car. When investigating the crash site law enforcement believed it was unlikely drugs or alcohol were involved. The family has spoken out detailing that at the time the 16 year old daughter was alone inside the house reading a book, but she was not in the room Davidson crashed into. Her father said she “thought that there was an earthquake in the area because the sound and impact of the crash was so intense.” Pete Davidson’s girlfriend at the time Sui Wonder was sitting in the passenger seat during the incident. There was serious damage done to Davidson’s car.

Pete Davidson's navy Mercedes Benz with the front right side of the car smashed in.

Credit: Apex/Mega

The right headlight and the surrounding area was completely destroyed from the impact.

Pete Davidson's windscreen on his car severely cracked.

Credit: Mega

The passenger side of the Windscreen was severely cracked.

The inside of Pete Davidson's car after the crash. Both airbags are deployed and the passenger side of the windscreen is cracked.

Credit: Apex/Mega

Both of the airbags were deployed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Pete Davidson has not responded to the charges.

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