There once were two girls packing up their college dorm and moving to the big city of New York. While is one of the fashion districts of the world, these two best friends Cammy and Cologne realized that they could not find the perfect mumus, so instead, they decided to create one. 

From that point on Mumu has become a household name, one that stands for what they believe in, and that is “life is fun, your clothes should be too.” 

Many collection launches later, Mumu has once again created a new line of clothes that are made with care and are created for you and your busy, fun, sexy lifestyle. 

Outlaw Dress $174:


The jade outlaw dress is perfect in-between summer and winter dresses. From the corduroy material to the collar neckline and full zip details, this dress can be your going out dress, going to work dress or just the dress you want to put on while running errands. 

Classic PJ Set $98: 


Just as the cozy weather starts to turn, the Christmas decorations start to go up, and the movie nights and fireplaces become an everyday thing, the perfect way to top it all off is with this PJ set. The silky-smooth button-down, long sleeve is perfect to keep you stylish and comfy.

Fatima Turtleneck $154:


Soft, chunky and all-around perfect sweater. The white Fatima turtleneck is perfect to top off your outfit no matter what the occasion. Just dressing for yourself or for others, this is such a cute look that mixes comfortably with sexy. 

Billini Urson Cowboy Boots $115: 


If you haven’t been to Nashville but still want a cowboy boot that’s okay, everyone wants and needs them. The cowboy boot in white elevates your look and doesn’t make it seem like a costume at all, it is the perfect accessory, you just need a hat to match. 

Boston Boyfriend Jeans $138:


The perfect jean does exist. Boyfriend jeans will never go out of style, from casual looks to fancy looks, and oversized jean with some rips has changed fashion, and some may say for the better. This mid-wash allows any look to be put together, large hoodie or bodysuit, whichever feels best. 

All these items and more can be shopped at mumu now. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine