The brand that has taken Instagram by storm is expanding its product offerings to include premium knives and cutting boards. 

Our Place has changed the way we cook at home with the Always Pan, and now the brand is adding a new range of products to its growing lineup.

Introducing Our Place knives and cutting boards- the latest launch since the brand’s best-selling, sold-out pans.

These new kitchen must-haves feature the same thoughtful attention to detail that differentiate Our Place products from every other product on the market. Plus, they are designed to make meal making and prepping easier and simpler from start to finish.

Inspired by home cooks and co-founder Shiza Shahid’s personal experiences in the kitchen, the brand took it upon itself to solve the biggest pain points with knives. Shiza and her talented team developed a set of the three incredible knives that are designed to meet all your meal prepping needs: the Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife, and Precise Paring Knife.

Designed with quality craftsmanship top of mind, Our Place’s knives are made from premium German steel that is full tang and runs the length of the knife down to the handle.

Each knife’s handle also has a patent-pending grip featuring a superior groove that helps show you exactly where and how to hold your knife, ultimately ensuring the perfect grip every time. You can shop the knives in stunning colour combinations such as; Spice, Steam, Char, and Blue Salt colors- plus, you can mix and match them!

Of course, every cook needs a trendy cutting board to accompany their new knife set. The Our Place cutting board is made from the highest quality American Black Walnut wood and features a built-in juice trench, which catches liquids and limits the chance of mess. The opposite side, which is completely flat, can also be used as a serving board.

Check out the products and pricing below:

  • Everyday Chef’s Knife – $70.00
  • Serrated Slicing Knife – $40.00
  • Precise Paring Knife – $60.00
  • Walnut Cutting Board – $95.00

You can even shop the brand’s latest product line up in curated bundle sets;

  • Knife Trio (all three knives)- $145
  • Fully Prepped Bundle (Knife Trio + Walnut Cutting Board) – $230

Make sure to shop the Our Place knives and cutting board now. Knowing the brand, these will be sure to sell out fast!