Most individuals who desire to play golf fear embarrassing themselves on the course. Since golf isn’t always welcoming to beginners, most newbies avoid playing this game. However, with time, you can overcome all challenges associated with this game and experience the true joy of mastering golf. If you put in the right amount of time, money, and effort, you will definitely achieve success on the course.

This comprehensive guide will help you begin your golfing journey and turn you into a pro.

Step 1: Go for it

The best way to get started is literally driving to your nearest golf course or park and practicing your first game, especially if you’ve been putting off trying it for a while. Even if you are committed to your work and family, you must take time out to acknowledge your passion and try it out at least once. If you keep putting it off, you will never learn. You don’t need a new golf club or gear right away. Borrow it from your friend or rent it at the club. Even if you aren’t confident about your golfing skills, just hit the ball without the fear of being judged. Everyone has to start somewhere, and today is your day.

Step 2: Buy necessary gear

Once you practice the game and gain confidence after a few attempts, it is time to collect your own gear and take it up a notch.


Here is a list of gear and equipment that you will need for golfing –


  • A set of clubs
  • Golf shoes
  • A golf bag or kit
  • Golf balls
  • Outfits appropriate for golfing
  • Accessories like a divot tool and ball markers


If you are confused about the type of gear you wish to buy, consult your local sports store. From the best set of clubs to the best golf push carts, the store managers will give expert advice and help you pick gear for your golf practice. Moreover, buying from the store also allows you to touch and feel the gear you will be using, which is necessary to ensure high quality, build, and design.

Step 3: Learn the rules

Every game has its own set of rules. In golf, you can refer to these basic rules to get started –


  • Do not touch your ball unless it rests on the green. The only exception is when your ball is not ‘in play’ (being put on the tee to mark a hole). Furthermore, you cannot move your ball to another spot.
  • Before you hit the ball, identify yours, and do not hit your competitor’s ball by accident. To avoid such mistakes, put a mark on your ball to recognize it instantly.
  • You will only get one chance to play your shot.
  • Do not let your club touch the sand, especially when taking a practice swing.
  • These are just some basic rules to get started. Once you master these basic rules, you can then dig deeper and learn the game in detail. Apart from these rules, you must also follow certain etiquettes while playing this game, which is as follows –
  • “Stepping on a player’s line” is frowned upon. You must not walk around the patch surrounding another player’s ball and the hole.
  • Your divots must be replaced every once in a while.
  • When another player is hitting the ball, do not talk or make any noise.
  • If the other player hits their ball around a bad spot, help them look for it.
  • Hold a reasonable pace when playing.

Step 4: Compete with your friend to practice


Consistent practice is key to developing golfing skills. Ask a friend who plays golf to practice with you. Since friends share a level of comfort and understanding, you will not feel embarrassed. With regular practice, you will be ready to compete with a pro or meet your potential business partner over a game of golf. Learn different techniques and poses to master your shots.

Step 5: Join a club

In a way, golf is about socializing. By joining a golf club, you can delve deeper into the game and meet like-minded people. This will not only help you understand the game in detail but also give you an opportunity to make valuable contacts. Play with them, join competitions, or simply grab a bite after your game. Since this game does not have a ‘perfect’ score, there is always room to improve, which is also the fun part.


By putting these steps in action, you can finally achieve your dream of playing golf. With consistent practice and dedication, you can also become a professional player. Whether it’s to impress your potential business partner or to master the game as a personal desire, following this guide will turn you into a master golfer.


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