It is without a doubt that since the Coronavirus pandemic began, we have all grown to have a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and all the possibilities it has to offer. While some of us use to be able to justify our commutes to work as our daily exercise, we now need to fit new ways to stay active in our busy work schedules. As lounge and activewear seem to be the ultimate clothing trend these days, it’s hard to know whether to trust the many Instagram loungewear brands that keep popping up on our news feeds. Guess is a trusted name in fashion, known for always providing the California cool-girl aesthetic, with on-trend apparel. Guess has released the ultimate athleisure wear, perfect for working out, lounging, and styling streetwear looks. 

It can be easy to forget about the importance of fresh air, working out is a great way to get outside and get your blood pumping, building endurance, and stamina. This season is the perfect time to get started on your exercise goals, and a great way to get enthused is with some new wardrobe pieces to bring some excitement to your workouts. Matching sets and tie-dye are all the hype this season and Guess’ athleisure collection offers this and more with their high-quality workout wear. The compression leggings and matching sports bra are two great pieces that are sure to make workouts all the more bright and colourful. 

As the slowdown of hustle culture occurs, lounging about seems to be a common theme these days, whether you’re laying about outdoors in the sun, or staying in bed a little longer than usual. The rise in popularity of loungewear during this time has marked the development of a new type of movement, a reminder that it’s ok to take a break and that you don’t need to be so hard on yourself. Loungewear is a great way to stay comfy as if you’re wearing pajamas, but still, make you look put together. Guess’s scuba set is a perfect example of the high quality, sleek designs the brand has to offer in the loungewear department. The scuba set comes in three different neutral tones and exemplifies an effortless, and sophisticated look at the same time. 

California is a known hub for the latest streetwear trends, Guess being a brand that embodies California cool, it is no question they would be a go-to for streetwear, and this season is no exception. While it is continually evolving, streetwear style can best be described as the current clothing attire typically worn by youth that represents the culture. The tie-dye longline tee, paired with the hype logo sneakers, creates a calm vibe that displays the inner skater cool that perfectly describes the summer ahead. 

The struggle to be motivated can be difficult when we are filled with the constant worry of what the future holds and the pressure that many of us feel by the societal expectations emplaced. It is essential that we, as individuals give ourselves a break and work on our self-development, whether through becoming more active, relaxing, or revamping your look, all of which can help both your mental and physical state. Through the use of exciting colours, comfortable and flattering fit, the Guess athleisure collection inspires self-love, creating a movement that goes beyond clothing.