When it comes to finding the perfect hobby that combines being active and staying calm at the same time, golf just might be the game for you. Golf is indeed an interesting game that you will never get bored of. In the last decade, more and more people of all ages have started to learn and master golf; in the last year, golf has gained more popularity than ever for being the perfect social-distancing sport. Unfortunately, golf has many rules and specificities that every player should follow, from different types of clubs to unfamiliar terms, which can be overwhelming for many. However, golf is just like any other sport, all it needs is practice. If you’re new to golf, there are few things that you should be familiar with, especially before buying golfing gear. Here is some essential advice that will help you start your new hobby. 

Learning The Game 

Many players will advise beginners to just start playing the game and practice on the golf course. However, this may not work for everyone. If you don’t learn how to swing properly, it will be hard to learn the right way after a while. That’s why it’s recommended that you start learning the right techniques from the beginning. Many professional players suggest that beginners start practicing on the golf range as it’s considered the ideal way to practice your swing without feeling any pressure.


The golf range allows you to repeat your shot many times. In an hour, you can shoot up to 70 shots, unlike practicing on the golf course. Of course, practicing on the golf range is different from the golf course, but it has its perks. The golf range allows you to shoot as many bad shots as you can until you get the hang out of it. You can test your swing techniques as much as you want. On the other hand, the golf course will allow you to understand the game as a whole, its rules, and its methods, but you won’t be able to see much improvement in your swing. 

Choosing Clubs and Training Aids

Buying your first club is one of the hard steps in playing golf. At first, it may seem like there are endless types of clubs with different materials and different price ranges. However, if you know what you’re looking for, the process will be easier. The first rule when choosing clubs is to avoid clubs that professional players have. These clubs are designed for them, their style, and their height. Getting the same club will not improve your game. Keep in mind that you don’t need all 14 clubs; as a beginner you only need a few. Start by getting a driver, a sand wedge, a putter, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood. 


Once you choose your clubs, it’s time to get some gear to help with your training. If you’re looking for fast improvement, then some training gear will be recommended. Just like the clubs, you don’t need all the golf training aids available, you just need what enhances your game. The best golf training aids for beginners are the eye speed trap, a golf grip trainer, and a swing plane trainer. The eye speed trap improves your strike and swing plane by providing highly accurate feedback on your swing path. The golf grip trainer will adjust the way you hold your club until it’s in the right place resulting in high accuracy. The swing plane trainer offers you to practice your swing as much as you want if you’re not able to go on the range. All of these will help when doing crucial things like regripping golf clubs and maximizing your equipment.

two men golfing on a sunny day with blue skies

Choosing The Right Ball

As a beginner, do not buy expensive golf balls. In your first few months of practicing, you will lose a lot of balls. So it’s recommended that you buy the least expensive ones. After a while, when you feel that you’re losing fewer balls, upgrade to higher brands, and so on, until you no longer lose too many balls. If you find many brands within the same price range, get any ball you prefer. 

Playing golf has many benefits. Apart from the fact that it’s a cool sport, golf can burn a lot of calories, reduces stress, allows you to meet new players and friends, improves vision, and exposes you to fresh air regularly. However, it requires patience. To move from one level to the next , you have to spend a lot of time practicing different techniques. You may even need to practice the same technique over and over again for a couple of weeks. So you have to prepare yourself for this long journey and get the right gear for it.