Tired of listening to only music? Here are some Podcasts that will keep you busy, give you some new tips, and inspire you to make positive changes in your life!

  1. Mood with Lauren Elizabeth

In this podcast, Lauren Elizabeth blatantly speaks about the truths of life. She describes her weekly moods, ranging from both good moods she experiences that week to the worse ones that make her feel down. In doing so, she shows how moods are fluid and change based on situational factors, but nonetheless are all valid. Through adding a comedic tone, but sticking to her hone self, she explores tips, tricks, and provides advice on boosting people’s moods for the week.

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  1. “In the Mirror” with Chantal Preston

This podcast takes a “behind the scenes” look into the music world. Chantal Preston becomes involved in the lives of musicians, producers, writers, and everyone else a part of the music industry. She speaks with them about their creative processes, influences, struggles throughout their journeys, and more. Listeners are provided with an in-depth understanding of all things related to music and are inspired to pursue desires they may have of their own. Each member of the music industry brings with them their own unique touch and style, which can be learned through their stories and experiences in life. With this podcast, artists are given the opportunity to “look in the mirror” and in sharing their hidden stories to the public, reflect and learn about themselves through the process.

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  1. I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil intertwines comedy and vulnerability in her podcast by speaking about the challenges that people face in society, and how hardships affect one’s sense of self. She integrates diverse speakers – performers, activists, influencers, etc. to speak about their experience overcoming past shames in finding their self-worth. Her entire podcast stems from the idea of radical inclusivity so that everyone’s voice gets heard, no matter their background, race, color, etc. Amplify, empower, and connect, are the three core values implemented into her podcast that allows for her activism to shine and inspires her listeners to make further change.

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  1. Miss Findependent

This podcast inspires and educates women to be more financially independent (hence the name F-independent). Nika Farb and Katie Karlos educate women on how to build the toolkit needed to be confident investors, entrepreneurs and become more confident in their financial dealings. These empowering ladies also debunk negative outlooks on money and teach women to be less risk-averse. Their focus centers around three core values, including methodically building risk appetite, providing actionable investment strategies, and discussing how to build out multiple income streams.

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  1. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

After experiencing a panic attack live on camera, Dan Harris has devoted time and energy to learn all about meditation. In this podcast, he explores happiness from all different angles and meanings. He integrates various guest speakers into his podcasts, from meditation experts and masters to some celebrities. Beyond mediation, this podcast also centers around areas such as social anxiety, relationships, productivity, etc. Using the power of science, Harris shows how mental traits people struggle with in their everyday lives can indeed be controlled by having the proper skills and training to do so, which he instills into his listeners through these podcasts.

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