This November, Canadian singer/songwriter Chantal Preston hosts HOLR Media Groups new podcast “In the Mirror”. Featuring conversations with voices from across the music industry, including musicians, producers, writers, and everyone in between, the show is designed to educate and inspire listeners on all things related to music.

The immensity of the music industry lends itself to a vast supply of stories and perspectives, each member having picked up their own unique tips, tricks, stories, ideas, and lessons throughout their respective journeys. For those looking to get their own foot in the door, this new show is a resource for all the intangible aspects of what it takes to work in music.

Covering all matter of topics, from the trials and tribulations of earning a living as an artist, to the very idea of what music means, “In the Mirror” offers an unparalleled deep dive into the many facets of the musical world. As suggested by the show’s title, the podcast is intended to give musicians the opportunity to look in the proverbial mirror in order to reflect upon their journey as artists, as enterprises, and as people. Presented through casual conversation, just like spending time with a couple of friends, listeners can expect to learn about artists’ influences, creative processes, defining moments, and how each of these have evolved with them, among other topics. 

An established musician herself, Chantal Preston as host offers the perspective of one who can relate both to each of her guests’ unique experiences as inside members of the industry, as well as her listeners’ curiosity for that which goes on behind the scenes of their favourite artists’ lives. “My goal is to be educated and inspired when it comes to the music industry,” says Preston, “I’m excited to have conversations with some of the finest established artists from the major labels and top agencies.” She will be learning alongside her listeners and guests, connecting on common ground and offering her own insight as both a consumer and creator of music. 

A self-described people-person, Preston was inspired by her own love for podcasts and her desire to connect with and learn from other people’s experiences. “I’ve always been interested in many podcasts that would uplift me during a bad day, change my mindset and educate myself from them,” she says, “I would love to take the things I love so much about various podcasts and create my own so listeners can have another opportunity to be educated and inspired.”

With the state of the world in seemingly endless disarray, one could use a little inspiration beyond the usual rhythm and lyrics. Just like all of us, our favourite musicians have been navigating the post-COVID world in search of new ways to succeed and spread happiness. Tune in to “In the Mirror” November 28th on Apple Music, Spotify, and anywhere else podcasts are found, to be inspired, educated, and opened up to the world of music.