Working out from home? Well, this could be of interest to you. We share some benefits of exercising from home with fitness experiences like the one offered by SPINCO, Canada’s largest spin studio. SPINCO, alongside connected fitness industry leader Echelon Fitness, recently launched the first Canadian Connected Bike, the studio’s first home fitness bike, Podium. 

First of all, we bet you didn’t know that working out from home has great pro’s, and if you did, surely you hadn’t noticed them. Surely, today the greatest benefit is to avoid COVID-19 exposition. It is important to keep ourselves at home as much as we can, still for a while longer. But there are some other benefits that we want to share with you.

Benefit #1: Work out anytime and save time. Easy to fit at your daily schedule, and no need to move around to get to the gym. You can save even some hours a day.

Benefit #2: No distractions. You can even play your own music without any other music in the background. Also, if your main goal is to get in shape and healthy while exercising, you might want to avoid other people and get distracted by them.

Benefit #3: Your space, your time. No need to worry about having others waiting to hop on the machine you are using, or people running very close to you at the running track. You can move around however you want.

Benefit #4: Privacy, no stress. Sometimes we can get a little anxious about others watching us trying out a new machine, a new exercise or some extra speed. At home, no one will judge you, you’ll just compare to yourself.

Benefit #5: Better results. You might be surprised, but sometimes exercising at home can help you focus better on your goals and saving time to extend your routine. Also, you’ll compete against yourself each day, becoming better each day.

And what do these benefits have to do with SPINCO’s home fitness bike? Well, just all that. This bike was created with SPINCO’s passionate riders in mind, a whole immersive workout.

“When you step inside a SPINCO studio, there is an unexplainable feeling that riders experience and we set out to recreate that raw experience at home with custom content created just for them,” said Michelle August, Founder of SPINCO.

Not only you’ll be able to sweat yourself off with this amazing bike, but it will also feature immersive content made and curated by SPINCO’s top instructors from across Canada. Additionally, riders will have 24-7 access to the Echelon catalogue of live and on-demand workouts.

What we love the most about Podium is how it was created especially for riders to have a full and amazing exercising experience. They made sure that it was approachable, intuitive and met the needs of today’s consumers. 

“We have included key features that truly set us apart, including a 22-inch HD touch screen, 32 levels of electronically controlled resistance, best-in-class components and innovative aesthetics that are perfect for any rider” stated August.

And if it was not enough, SPINCO is devoted to having close ties to its communities. With each studio across the country, it works with several local charities. And this bike is not the exception. They will donate a percentage of each bike sold to combatting important issues through charities like Baycrest Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Montreal en Action.

Go ahead and jump into to get your bike and get into good health and shape!