October is a tough month for students; it’s the peak of midterm season, assignments are piling up and tuition bills are due. With a 100% chance of stress, Old Style Pilsner wants there to be a 100% chance of celebration too, which is why they’re introducing the #PilTuitionTab. It’s like the bar tab at your local pub, but better, because students won’t have to pay it off. 

Old Style Pilsner had a brew-tal awakening when we learned that one in two Canadian post-secondary students carry student debt by the time they graduate. Balancing study sessions with assignment deadlines is tough enough without the thought of looming tuition bills to pay, so we created the Pilsner Tuition Tab to give students one less thing to worry about.

“Students have until mid-October to drop classes without financial penalty and for many, the cost of a class is a major factor in that decision,” says Madison DeSousa, Marketing Manager at Molson Coors.  “No judgement from Pilsner for dropping, because tuition is 100% stressful for everyone. So go ahead, put it on Pilsner’s Tuition Tab.”

From October 12th until November 8th, The Pilsner Tuition Tab is offering 10 lucky full-time Canadian post-secondary students the opportunity to put $3,000 of their tuition on Pil’s tab so they can focus on what really matters – like studying and enjoying a post-exam Pil. Applying to the Tuition Tab is simpler than passing a midterm – students will be required to answer only two questions including what they will do with their savings and what they would name the Pil Bunny mascot.

Do you know a student who could benefit from putting their tuition on our tab? Look out for Pilsner reps or head to pilcountry.com/tuitiontab to apply for the #PilTuitionTab. Eligible applicants must be currently enrolled in post-secondary education as a full-time student, based in Canada and of legal drinking age.