My clients have been asking, “Do I need to prepare my home for virtual viewings?”  My answer is a resounding yes. Successfully selling a home involves creating a memorable experience for buyers, including preparing your home to be market-ready. 

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Sell Your Home for Maximum Value 

The goal of selling your home is to obtain the maximum value for your investment by presenting your home at its finest.  When listing a home, there are three vital points to keep in mind to ensure maximum return on investment. 

  1.       We need to determine the worth of your property. Working together, we will be able to view your home virtually through Zoom, FaceTime, or you can e-mail a video and photos of your home to Once reviewed, we will determine the value of your property based on a list of criteria.  Appropriately pricing a home is paramount to stimulating buyer interest and offers, especially in our current market conditions. Working together, we will create a successful data-driven pricing and marketing strategy for your home.
  2.      When a buyer views a home, they imagine themselves living in the house, experiencing what the home has to offer. To create a relatable vision for the Buyer, create spacious, bright rooms by decluttering and depersonalize the space. When a Buyer can see themselves and their family in the home, they will fall in love.
  3.       As Spring is upon us, the curbside appeal is fundamental.  Especially given that this is the time of year that your property will show it’s best. When a buyer sees a home from the street, they begin to form an opinion, and you want your property to create a desire to see what’s inside the home.  Pressure wash the driveway and the front of the house to remove dirt and leaves.  Clean the windows, so the sunlight dances off the windowsills.  Change all burnt out exterior lights, so your home is nicely illuminated at night. Take the time to create an oasis of flowers, colours, and greenery to welcome the Buyer before they set foot inside.  When the exterior beauty of a home strikes a buyer, they will be bursting with curiosity to view the interior of the property as well. 

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Is Staging Important for Virtual Showings?

In short, YES!  When showing your home, virtual showings included, staging is essential for showcasing functionality and nurturing inviting energy within the home.  We, at Invidiata, have suppliers and partners who can help design, style, and stage while practicing appropriate safety precautions.  Renovations are on hold during physical distancing; however, painting is a great option to transform a space and infuse it with new energy if you’re up for a DIY project!

511 Trillium Drive, Mississauga

Virtual Open Houses with 3D Interactive Photography 

The Invidiata Team has the tools to assist you in listing your home for maximum value.  We are following safety protocols and always respect our client’s level of comfort.  

If you have not been compromised by COVID-19, we are able to view your home in person with gloves and masks while physical distancing. We have moved all of our services online, including hosting virtual open houses with our robust marketing package. I am also excited to announce that The Invidiata Team has introduced 3D floorplans to enhance the Buyer’s experience of viewing the home as if they were there.

I invite you to take a walk through three of our listings right now.  Enjoy!

1 Birch Hill Lane, Oakville – Click Here To Walk Through!

? $6,998,000 | ? 6 Bedrooms | ? 7+1 Bathrooms | ? 8,407 + 4,667

507 Trillium Drive, Mississauga –Click Here To Walk Through!

? $1,999,000 | ? 4+1 Bedrooms | ? 4+1 Bathrooms | ? 3,086

511 Trillium Drive, Mississauga –Click Here To Walk Through!

? $2,238,000 | ? 4 Bedrooms | ? 3+1 Bathrooms | ? 3,400

1 Birch Hill Lane, Oakville

The Invidiata Commitment 

The Invidiata Team has always been committed to helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. We are evolving to adapt to the current market and economic conditions in order to support you and provide our clients with the highest level of services.

For all the latest real estate news, follow us @InvidiataRealty I @ShaeInvidiataFeel free to contact me anytime to discuss the latest on the GTA real estate market.

Stay positive, keep safe, and extend kindness to others and yourself.

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