Wise, beautiful, talented, and unique! Purple Haze is more than just a dispensary, carrying the latest  in trends towards beauty, art and self care products. From promoting local artists works to specialized CBD bath bombs, body candles, and Ganja Yoga books, Boss Babe founders Rihanna & Vera keep Purple Haze from being just another dispensary. Read below to find out how!

What inspired/motivated you to start Purple Haze?

We were having casual dinner the winter before COVID. Vera really loves beauty and we wanted to go into something, we didn’t know what. Then somebody suggested we go into cannabis, and that it’s the new thing to invest in.

We looked into the industry and decided to apply the proper way. I have a psych background so we were thinking of a way to combine my knowledge of the cannabis industry and Rihanna’s knowledge of retail.

When entering this industry, what aspects were familiar due to your backgrounds, and which were a shocking pivot?

As mentioned, I have a retail background. Coming into this, I felt very prepared for the operation side, business planning, and all of those things, but realistically the human factor is something you could never control.  When you do meet people from the outside who determine on whether your construction is following the correct way, you’re finding the right vendors, all the people you meet along the way who you need to fulfill things for your business, was a little bit of a shock. Some things were easy,so me people were beyond respectful and supportive, gave you all of the information and more. Other people were not completely on board, maybe they didn’t us seriously, but it’s good to see skepticism because it makes you work harder and appreciate those who help along the way. Some of the sceptical people still turned around to be supportive, it went full circle.

When those who were skeptical came around, what did they say?

They want to open their own stores. ;). It’s funny and also flattering because it shows how you’ve really overcome that hurdle, and learned something, and now the person who maybe can be an example and lead in the right way.

What are 3 things that come with starting your own business that nobody tells you is crucial and going to take up most of your time?

Sleep, lot’s of sleep. Get a business partner before you start something like this, get professional help and outsource your contractor’s and try to do all the work before you launch the business.

There’s a saying in my language, “ You need to measure it numerous time’s before drawing it out/ cutting out the piece.”, one thing we really did it learn is try it numerous way’s before you execute. Research all the way’s and try it before you commit to one person/company. Another thing is, it is like a baby, not an individual but like a baby in the sense that, you are on call all the time, you have to be aware that you’re planning for X,Y,Z. You will sometime’s forget thing’s and your partner will remind you, so I’m so grateful for Vera. If I didn’t have her, ‘d be lost. I applaud the people who do it on their own. It’s like there are little fire’s all the time, you put one fire out another props up, there is always something else. Being organized will help a lot!

There is so much behind a business. It is about fun and experience but at the same time it’s extremely highly regulated in the back end. Many banks do not accept Cannabis businesses as clients yet, even when they do this still developing because cannabis is so new.

There are cannabis store’s on every corner, and more opening everyday. What is the plan to stay open with the amount of competition there is?

Remaining true to yourself, not sitting being comfortable and thinking “okay, I’m good now.”Also making sure you’re passionate about something. Yes be aware of what your competitors are doing, but if you are passionate about what you do every day, you more so focus on yourself. It’s like in life; there are so many good influencers. They all have following and something different about them, it’s similar in that sense


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