Rachel Bilson ‘Baffled’ After Losing A Job Due To A Sex Comment

Rachel Bilson recently discussed losing a job due to a sex comment. On her podcast, Broad Ideas, she revealed the situation to her listeners.

“It’s been an interesting week guys, This is the first time it’s ever happened to me in my professional life that I lost a job this week because of things that were said.”


 “A job got taken away from me because I was speaking candidly and openly about sex in a humorous way on our friend’s podcast. I basically got a job, that I already had, pulled from me because I was speaking openly about sex.”

She added,  “A single mom, a woman, lost a job because they were being candid and honest and the subject was sex.”

For context, Bilson made an appearance on the ‘Women On Top’ podcast where she was asked about her favourite sex position. To this, she responded, ‘I like to be manhandled.’

‘It Was Meant To Be Lighthearted’

Further, she discussed the context of what she said and how it was meant to be lighthearted.

“First of all, I said it in a joking manner in the interview, like, ‘Yeah, I wanna get f–king get manhandled.’ Basically, it’s like, okay give control or take control in the bedroom, whatever.” 

“I’ve been floored honestly,” she said, “Everything was set in motion and I lost the job. It sucks.”

Via Instagram @rachelbilson

She admits that she cried over this situation, claiming as a single mom, every opportunity counts.

“I cried,” she admits, “I’m a single mom like I need these jobs … everything counts. You know, I provide a lot for my family, my daughter and regardless of anything else, it all matters.”

“I haven’t said anything inappropriate,” Rachel states, “Choice of language, if I could go back, now knowing I lost a job, maybe I would say it differently. But I still wouldn’t not say it.”
Published By: HOLR Magazine