HOLR is breaking down the latest news in relation to the Ralph Yarl shooting.

16-year-old Ralph Yarl was shot by a homeowner when Yarl accidentally went to the wrong home to pick up his younger twin brothers, according to the family, as mentioned here.

Ralph Yarl Injuries

A Kansas City homeowner opened fire on Yarl after the student accidentally went to the wrong house. Yarl was shot twice in the head and chest and was critically injured as a result, as mentioned here. Yarl was transported to the hospital as a result of sustaining injuries.

Update on Ralph Yarl

The Missouri teenager has since been released just days later from the hospital following the incident as mentioned here.

Celebrities Are Standing Up

Celebrities have taken to their platforms to express their anger and frustration over such a senseless act. Jessica Alba was one of just many celebs who recently posted about Yarl and his story- plus, how to help.


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As mentioned in Alba’s post, the Kansas City homeowner who shot Yarl shot him a second time as he bled out. Yarl was unarmed. The homeowner in question is now reportedly walking free, with no charges related to the incident as stated in the above post.

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