Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Jim Toth announce their divorce has been finalised, four months after the couple filed.

On March 24 of this year, Reese Witherspoon and Toth announced their separation in a joint statement, and in April Witherspoon reportedly filed for divorce and now just four months later, the couple have signed a marital dissolution agreement and have also settled on a co-parenting agreement pertaining to their 10-year-old son Tennessee.

What is a marital dissolution agreement? A marital dissolution agreement is a contract that is agreed upon by both parties and is submitted to the Courts for approval in Separate Support and Maintenance Cases or Divorce cases according to online sources. The couple’s marriage has ended after 12 years and reports have indicated that it remains amicable.

reese witherspoon divorce jim toth

Credit Image: Reese Witherspoon Instagram

Why are Witherspoon and Toth Divorcing?

Unidentified sources had reportedly told Page Six that toward the end of the couples almost 12-year marriage, the relationship had become “platonic” and had zero romance, while other sources indicate that the couple struggled with being “very different people” and were no longer spending much time together. However, the couple have not confirmed nor deny the speculation but maintain that they are moving on with love and kindness for each other.

reese witherspoon divorce

Credit Image: Reese Witherspoon Instagram

The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress compares this divorce to the one with Phillippe.

In a statement the actress made to Harper’s Bazaar, she spoke of the glaring differences between her first divorce with Phillippe and her second divorce with Toth. “When I was divorced before, the tabloid media got to tell people how I was feeling or how I was processing, and it felt very out of control” she said in the interview with Harper’s Bazaar. This time however, the actress says she has a little more control over the experience, though she acknowledged that she would never be able to control the media speculations, citing that being able to share the experience in her own way and in her own time feels more authentic.

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