Vinny Guadagnino responds to Gabby Windey’s new relationship.

In an exclusive with Us Weekly, Vinny Guadagnino spoke fondly of his experience with Windey on Dancing with the Stars talking about how stressed she had been while on that tour. “I’m so happy to see her so happy and live her truth” he said to Us Weekly. Vinny even said he would be more than happy to go on a date with Gabby and her new girlfriend, calling Windey a “good friend of mine”. It is clear there was never any real romantic connection between the two and that Guadagnino is clearly happy for his friend.

vinny guadagnino and gabby windey

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Was Vinny really in love with Angelina?

Previously, Guadagnino was linked with Angelina Pivarnick but he has said that “no, she’s cool but there is no romantic relationship there”. Guadagnino told ET that there was some discord between the two and that there is a lack of compatibility between them. According to research, Vinny has been vocal about this ongoing thing with Angelina citing that he would “Rather jump off a balcony” then get into another fling with Angelina. A sentiment that seems to be shared by her according to ET.

Who is Gabby Windey’s new girlfriend Robby Hoffman?

On Wednesday August 2, Windey, 32, announced her new relationship with Hoffman and went on to describe her new relationship as one she has “never had before”. Windey said in an interview that she is having the best experience dating a woman, citing that she wanted to be honest about who she is and live her life as honestly as possible. Windey’s new girlfriend Brooklyn native, Robby Hoffman is one of nine siblings and was raised by her mother. She is also a writer and comedian with a number of accolades to her resume including headlining the New York Comedy Festival in 2018, in 2019, she released her first stand up special ‘I’m Nervous’ and in addition to that has written for notable shows such as Baroness Von Sketch, Workin’ Moms and Odd Squad. In 2019, Hoffman also became an Emmy Winner for her work on Odd Squad for outstanding writing.

vinny guadagnino responds to windey's relationship

Credit Image: Gabby Windey/Instagram

Vinny Guadagnino and Gabby Windey’s Friendship.

Gabby said of her friendship with Vinny in December of 2022, “He’s so much fun. We built a good friendship on the show and just I think like naturally kind of clicked”. She also commented on their similar sense of humour calling them both “very similar”. It’s nice that these two talented people can support each other with courage and humour in times of transition.

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