Rekha: An Enigmatic Icon- Rekha, born Bhanurekha Ganesan, has been an indomitable presence in the Indian film industry for over five decades.

Known for her unparalleled acting prowess and magnetic on-screen persona, she is also famous for her privacy and mystique. Rarely seen or heard in the media, the actress has always maintained a dignified distance from the paparazzi frenzy that often surrounds her. She is an ever-green actress.

Recently she attended an award show in Mumbai, which was attended by many Bollywood actors, also. However, Rekha again proves herself as a legend and fashion icon. She stole the hearts of fans and many Bollywood people. She wore a suit saree dress with traditional silk in color Cream and Gold, and she completed her look with bold makeup and gajra. She looked stunning enough to steal the spotlight. She gave many poses in front of the camera.

It was a fun gesture captured on camera and went viral instantly. After coming to the award show Rekha is surrounded by the fans and media, in which the actress is seen allegedly slapping paparazzi. A photographer requested to click a photo with her in return she lovingly slapped him on the cheek. The reaction seemed very joking and loving. The man started blushing with happiness. The photographers, initially taken aback by her unexpected reaction, soon joined in with laughter.

The video went viral and so many comments are spreading on social media. One person wrote- He is so lucky. He got touched and slapped by Rekhaji. Ab woh nahi nahayga.”

In an industry known for its superficiality, Rekha’s warmth and charm continue to set her apart as a timeless icon. Rekha is very far from movies for now, as she was last seen in 2014 in the movie’ Super Nani’. However, that does not matter for her success. It’s hard to prove at the age of 68 how to be bold and elegant. The way she walks and talks is always remarkable and watchable.

Published by HOLR Magazine.