CASTAMIRA is the swimwear line that’s proving to all women how sexy a one piece can really be. The modern woman can be whoever she wants and wear whatever she wants.  This line of swimwear encompasses both — as the one pieces are classic in shape but modern in style.


Being covered up in a one piece doesn’t mean your body won’t look flattering;  Being modest is sexy and mysterious, and these pieces are timeless. These bathing suits enhance the beauty of ones body without showing all of it, and allow you to embrace your confidence while being bold.

The designs are influenced by the popular styles of the 1970s and 1990s which enhance the best parts of a woman’s body. They’re comfortable, modest, sexy and show off a woman’s body in all the right places, making you feel comfortable and free to move in them.

This brand is luxurious from conception to final execution, with a focus on fit, fabric and style. All of the suits are designed with body contouring in mind, as the fabric accentuates and shows off the best and most alluring parts of a woman’s body. CASTAMIRA also puts a large focus on a love and respect for nature and the planet, with a use of eco-friendly fibers and Green packaging to reduce environmental impact.



We interviewed formed model and the designer and founder of CASTAMIRA, Chantel Davis.

What inspired you to start CASTAMIRA?

I was inspired by nostalgia. The women of the 70’s to the 90’s seen in vintage swim catalogs, sports illustrated magazines. Sometimes gaudy looking one piece swimsuits like that of the 80s. But it all worked! And it never took away from their allure as women. It was that belle epoch era for me that in starting CASTAMIRA, I wanted to bring back the essence of the joie de vivre for the modern woman.

What inspired your colour palette? 

For this collection: The neons and brights most 80s swimwear had. And also the neutral earth tones of Andalusia to compliment the skin of a woman.

What does being sexy mean to you in terms of swimwear?

How a woman wears CASTAMIRA is what we consider ‘sexy’. Yes, most of her body’s landscape is covered in fabric, yet the lines, and undulations that follow true to the female form are so delicate — that’s sexy. How she walks in our swimsuits commanding her presence via poolside or beach, what she chooses to accessorize with or not, we love the minimalist feel. Sexy isn’t always about skin. It’s about that silent force  and confidence a woman feels within.

Would you be interested in expanding into making bikinis?

When I started out, I wanted to do both. So we’ll see what happens. Our focus right now is on the One-Piece.

What do you see in the future for CASTAMIRA?

We see CASTAMIRA as one of the go to destination swimwear brands for adventure, play and relaxation. Making our swim line 100% sustainable. Currently we use regenerated nylon on select styles.

The pieces are timeless, elegant and are sure to make you stand out.  Shop the brand at


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