Rémy Martin’s 300th Anniversary: Less Than Sixty 300Y Limited Edition Cognacs Available in Canada

In the realm of fine cognac-making, few names evoke as much reverence and history as Rémy Martin. This year, the renowned House celebrates a remarkable milestone—its 300th anniversary. Through a series of global festivities and unique activations, Rémy Martin is set to honour its storied past, celebrate the present, and look forward to an innovative future.

rely limited edition 300 year bottle

A Legacy Three Centuries in the Making

Established in 1724, Rémy Martin has been synonymous with the highest standards of cognac production for three centuries. This enduring legacy, built on passion and dedication, is celebrated across the globe, highlighting the brand’s unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional spirits.

The 300th Anniversary Coupe: A Tribute to Timeless Excellence

At the heart of the anniversary celebrations is the launch of the 300th Anniversary Coupe. Masterfully created by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau from the esteemed “Réserve Perpétuelle,” this limited-edition cognac is a nod to Rémy Martin’s illustrious history and forward-looking vision. Loiseau’s selection of eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne terroir offers an unparalleled sensory journey, reflecting a blend of tradition and innovation.

Encased in a bespoke wooden box featuring the iconic Rémy Martin Centaur emblem, each bottle of the 300th Anniversary Coupe is individually numbered. It comes with a personal note from the Cellar Master, symbolizing the fusion of craftsmanship and modernity that has defined the brand for centuries. There are less than 60 bottles available direct to client via Rémy Martin.

Remy Martin 300 anniversary bottle

A Sensorial Experience: The 300th Anniversary Coupe Tasting Notes

The 300th Anniversary Coupe enchants with its radiant amber color and complex aroma profile. From candied fruits to exotic spices, the cognac reveals intricate layers of flavors with each sip, inviting aficionados to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of history and taste.

Beyond the Coupe: Celebrating Excellence

Rémy Martin extends an invitation to cognac enthusiasts with the XO Opulence Revealed Experience in Toronto—an exclusive, immersive event that showcases the artistry behind the brand’s premium blends. From Saturday, February 3rd till 24th, cognac enthusiasts can sign up on the official eventbrite page to attend one of the complimentary interactive sessions taking place at the Summerhill LCBO on a first come, first serve basis. This, along with the reopening of its historic house in Cognac, the global Centaur Birthday Tour, and the Bartender Talent Academy competition, underscores Rémy Martin’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

As Rémy Martin looks to the future, it remains dedicated to the principles of craftsmanship, innovation, and passion that have characterized the brand for 300 years. This enduring spirit promises to inspire future generations and ensure the legacy of Rémy Martin continues to flourish.

To discover more about Rémy Martin and participate in the 300th-anniversary celebrations, visit www.RemyMartin.com. And remember, always enjoy responsibly. Here’s to 300 years of unmatched excellence!

Published by HOLR Magazine.