Understanding why we travel is important to get the most out of life and enjoy those few days we have off from work. Make your next trip better than the last as you learn what is the point of travelling for you!

Travelling is meant to be enjoyable, but perhaps not every vacation has been that way. So coming to understand what is the purpose behind your travels will help you enjoy your future vacations.


The world is jam packed with millions of sights to see and people to meet! With over 192 countries in the world, all with unique offerings, it is impossible for any one person to experience it all – but that won’t stop us from trying!

Exploring the world has been an interest of humans as soon as we’re born, first learning of our natural surroundings and slowly but surely being more and more curious of the world around us. Exploration can take shape in many ways, whether it is food, a new activity, a place you’ve never been to before. The idea behind exploration is filling yourself with new experiences that are unique and often once in a lifetime.

An example of this type of travel is going on your first trip to Paris or Thailand to enrich yourself in the amazing culture, food, and activities where nearly everything is a new experience and a journey to remember.

However every trip and every day should not be exploration as the act is often quite taxing both mentally and physically. An exploration-themed trip should generally take place in the mid-late summer, where you have all this bundled up energy and are starting to tire of doing the same thing everyday. However this type of trip can also be perfect for a long weekend when work or school is getting repetitive and your thirst for adventure starts bubbling up. 

Even if a trip isn’t exploration-themed, there should be an aspect of exploration in all journeys as it will make the trip a memorable experience. Even better have one (maybe two) exploratory activities each day – changing the theme of exploration i.e. first day new food, second day new activity, third day new place. Don’t force yourself to do something you know you will regret or not enjoy, but experiment and don’t be afraid of new things. It is important to note that not everything will be the success you imagined (or one at all), but take what you can from an experience to learn and make your life better. A great way to plan a well-diversified trip is having a different sense being stimulated each day, this gives time for your other senses to recover and let you really focus on the one sensation.


Relaxation is often the most desirable vacation activity. This can be enjoying comfort foods, a relaxing activity, or a destination for one to relax in. Everyone needs to relax and we recommend you find a relaxing activity twice a day as it will really allow you to soak in the days where you are not working and having a good time. In the modern world where everything is so fast paced, it is vital to have lots of downtime during our days off.

Relaxation-themed trips are best after big deadlines and a stressful work period, mainly the winter break or beginning of summer break. However anytime you feel overly stressed it is important to find time to relax and enjoy your moments of calm. 

An example of this type of travel is going to Hawaii or the Caribbean to bathe in a tropical paradise or cabin in the countryside to relax by the lake and enjoy spending time in nature.

We suggest when planning a trip, even if it is not relaxation-themed, to have at least one or two relaxing activities. This is because relaxation activities not only allow for the body to rest and enjoy the downtime, but it also serves to enhance exploration and fun activities. Picture it as having a picnic on the peak of a mountain after a long climb – nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing after working hard for it. Relaxation is vital to a good trip as it allows for you to appreciate all the good moments in a day and think back on the wonderful experiences you’ve had. Relaxing activities are best done in the mornings and late evenings and are best done both prior to and after a stimulating experience.


These activities can be something done before and are generally quite personal to what makes you happy and what you find fun. This can be a mixture of relaxing and stimulating experiences. A fun activity is not one which should be separate from the rest, but incorporated into all the activities planned for the day.

An example of this type of travel is going to Disneyland or Las Vegas. But the destination is highly personal and depends on what you find fun!

These types of trips are a good choice all year round and can happen at any time. However when planning these trips we recommend incorporating at least one exploration and relaxation type activity to make the most out of your travel.

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