Matt Gaetz Rumor explained.

There has been another Rumor circulating about U.S Representative Matt Gaetz that he is sleeping with his male Press Secretary.

The rumour started going viral on Twitter after Rebekah Jones, the Democrat Candidate House Republican that Gaetz defeated in 2022 made the claim. Since Rebekah disclosed this alleged affair online, the claim has gone viral on Twitter racking up millions of views.

Matt Gaetz Rumor

Rebekah claimed that Gaetz was having an affair with his Press Secretary ,Joel Valdez. The Tweet read, “Matt Gaetz is believed to be having an affair with his press secretary, Joel Valdez, according to three independent sources.”

Gaetz denied the rumours saying they are totally “false and libelous.” While his wife and is yet to address them, his office also made a statement, “Thrice fired, indicted, politically defeated, mentally unstable people shouldn’t be considered sources by serious media. Mrs. Jones’ statements referenced no sourcing or evidence in her defamatory posts.” “Any insinuation that Congressman Matt Gaetz has been starting relationships with staff is totally false and libelous.”

In a follow up tweet, Jones said: “I observed their, er, intimacy in a moment they thought was private after our debate but didn’t want to speculate without proof.”

According to his LinkedIn profile Gaetz Press Secretary Joel Valdez has been working with him since April 2021. Although Jones claimed to have video proof of some sort in one of her follow up tweets, it is still widely considered to be a rumor.