You’re not just a ball of nerves, you’re probably an HSP.

“I don’t want to be here,” I said quietly. No, I wasn’t having an existential crisis. I was 4 years old at a friend’s birthday party when his mom found me hiding alone on their staircase. I was simply tapped out from being around a bunch of people all day. Of course, at 4 I didn’t’ know it at the time, but my need to retreat from crowds and noise was because I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).


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Author, psychologist, (and HSP) Elaine Aron coined the term when she began researching high sensitivity in 1991. She estimates that about 20% of the population is born with a nervous system that is more highly attuned than most. (I believe that number to be higher now based on the types of souls being born on to the planet currently, but that’s another article). On a biological level, the brain of a highly sensitive person is wired with this trait as a survival strategy, quickly picking up on and absorbing many intricate details before taking action.

If you’re an HSP, you’re constantly picking up a lot of information through all of your senses, including your ability to notice energy. What this means is that whether aware of it or not, upon entering a room you immediately sense the vibe and how people are really feeling despite what they’re saying or presenting on the outside. It also means that things like loud noises, bright lights, crowds, and violent movies, are very triggering for you.


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Being an HSP can also trigger a wide range of emotional responses. Those who know and love me, know that I cry a lot. I well-up equally from sadness, beauty, and joy. While it may sound like our existence is an emotional rollercoaster, it can be easy and downright enjoyable to ride the waves as an HSP once you have an understanding of your make up and how you can support yourself. It felt so freeing to discover that my reactions are natural responses to what I’m truly feeling, and because I now embrace and allow them, they move through me in a healthy way. This ensures I’m less likely to experience the destructive effects of repressing emotion, which can lead to actual physical illness. 

To prevent overwhelm or anxiety from too much stimulation as an HSP, here are 5 ways you can shift from surviving to thriving so you can continue to experience on a visceral level, how wonderful life really is.


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1) Don’t Overschedule Yourself And Know Your Limits. 

Start noticing how much time passes from when you go out until you start to feel exhausted, overwhelmed or just plain irritated. These are signs you’re about to overextend yourself.  This is your indication that it’s time to retreat so you can fill your energy tank, so to speak. For me, it takes about 90-120 min. Being aware of this means I can schedule around it. 

By the way, this doesn’t mean all HSP’s are hermit introverts either. In fact, Dr Aron estimates that about 30% are extroverts!  

2) Get Real Friendly With Saying “No” Or “Not Today.”

This ties into number 1. Boundaries my friend, boundaries. Ask yourself, is this for me, or is this for others? Do I have enough energy to commit to this, or am I doing it out of guilt? Ensuring all of your own physical, mental, and emotional needs are met first is the best place to start. 

3) Cover Your Head

 A lot of energy gets released through the top of your head. The skull also consists of many tiny bones that actually move, so a snug head covering really helps you to feel contained, grounded, and focused. Seriously, try it. Turban, hoodie, scarf, toque (yup, I’m Canadian), I’ve used them all. 

4) Set The Mood

Turn your home into a sanctuary of softness. Soft lights, candles, and music. Bonus if you can play nature sounds and/or have a pet. My fav app is Calm Radio as it allows me to weave natural sound into any kind of music (healing, cat purrs and fireplace are my go to’s).

5) Have A Regular Morning AND Evening Practice Or Ritual 

This doesn’t require a lot of time. You can completely adjust your energy in as little as 3 minutes! I suggest closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. On your inhale see, feel or imagine your body and aura being filled with light and oxygen. On your exhale feel your body connected to, and rooting into the earth. At the end of the day release any excess energy that you’ve picked up, and imagine letting it go as you exhale deeply. It can also be cleared and released by gently shaking your whole body, smudging, or imagining the water from your bath or shower taking what you don’t need with it down the drain.

Life IS beautiful and your innate ability to notice the subtleties of the world around you is a huge gift. When you give yourself permission to wear your heart on your sleeve, you automatically teach others that it’s okay for them to feel strongly too! That’s part of the beauty of being human!

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Your challenge as an HSP is to take your amazing self and ideas out into the world. In short, spread the joy that is so easily accessible to you and reap the benefit of creating amazing soulful connections, creations, and eye-watering moments of appreciation for this existence.

For more information on loving an HSP or being one, check out Elaine Aron’s books and take her self quiz here,

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