Bonnie Comley, Joyce Hanly, Linda Rhodes Jones, Hannah Krause, Muriel Roberts, Doris Simmons, and Sarah Lynch were among the members of the NSDAR Manhattan 125th Committee that organized a celebration at The Players, a famous location rich in history. The Manhattan Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution is a hidden treasure devoted to conserving America’s rich history among the city’s tall skyscrapers and busy streets. Not only is the Manhattan Chapter of the NSDAR a testament to the surviving spirit of the American Revolution, but this year marks the chapter’s 125th anniversary. As the Manhattan Chapter of the DAR approaches this momentous anniversary, let’s explore its incredible history, activities, and unwavering spirit.

Entire female leadership, staff, and financial support characterize NSDAR, a non-profit, non-political organization devoted to advancing the goals of inclusive patriotism, historic preservation, and education. The DAR of today is a dynamic, varied organization that fosters leadership development, a love of history, and the sharing of service opportunities among its members. Approximately 3,000 chapters spread across the United States and several other countries are home to nearly 180,000 active DAR members. One of the genealogy societies in the United States with the broadest membership is this one. Women of any race or religion who can demonstrate lineal bloodline descent from an ancestor who contributed to the achievement of United States independence are eligible to join the DAR today. 

Michael Krause & Hannah Krause

The Manhattan Chapter of the DAR, which was founded in 1898, has been instrumental in establishing ties between Manhattanites and their historical heritage. As it commemorates its 125th anniversary this year, it keeps the custom of remembering the accomplishments and sacrifices made by its Revolutionary War forebears. The local chapters of DAR devote hundreds of hours of service through grassroots activities. Annual Christmas gift drives are organized by the Manhattan Chapter NSDAR to support the women and men who get care from the Margaret Cochran Corbin VA Harbor Healthcare facility in New York City. HUD-VASH (Housing and Urban Development’s Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) offers consolation and support to homeless veterans. Through the HUD-VASH team, the Manhattan Chapter NSDAR has contributed much-needed clothing, toiletries, and therapeutic items. Every year during the Xavier High School Awards Ceremony, the Manhattan Chapter NSDAR gives senior ROTC Cadets copies of the United States Constitution. Additionally, the Wilhelmena Rhodes Kelly Award grants a scholarship to the best cadet at the spring awards event. These are but a handful of the mission-driven projects that the ladies of the NSDAR Manhattan Chapter have backed.

The chapter is unwavering in its commitment to upholding the DAR’s three basic objectives of inclusive patriotism, historic preservation, and education. The objective of the chapter is deeply entwined with Manhattan’s history, and the Manhattan Daughters actively embrace these ideals. Members have always backed the preservation and restoration of the city’s historic sites, guaranteeing that the past will always be a vital component of the present.  DAR State Regent Pamela Neth Barrack was presented by Manhattan Regent Sarah Shea Lynch as the guest speaker. She gave an update on the 45th Regent restoration project in New York State. 

Sarah Lynch, Linda Rhodes Jones, Alyssa Ritch-Frel, Melanie Wells, Audrey Fields

Sarah Shea Lynch (Regent), Evelyn Carmichael (Chaplain), Linda Rhodes Jones (Vice Regent), Maggie Rhodes Nugent (Corresponding Secretary), Melanie Wells (Treasurer), Alyssa Ritch-Frel (Registrar), Audrey Fields (Recording Secretary), Eugenia Askren (Historian), and Donna Horak (Librarian) comprise the current members of the Manhattan Chapter NSDAR’s leadership.

NSDAR State Regent Pamela Neth Barrack

The Manhattan Chapter of the DAR continues to be a resolute steward of history in a city where change is the only thing that never changes. Their 125-year history of conserving the past, advancing education, and encouraging patriotism guarantees Manhattan’s history will always be alive and well. A testament to the American Revolution’s continuing spirit, the Manhattan Chapter of the National Daughters of the American Revolution is commemorating its 125th anniversary. Their steadfast commitment to conserving history, influencing the present, and involving the community has had a lasting impression on the city. The Manhattan Daughters have been creating that bridge for 125 amazing years, reminding us that, in a world that is always changing, our history serves as a bridge to a better future.

Published by HOLR Magazine.