CAUTION: Spoliers for Selling the OC Season 3 ahead!

A rumor floating around in the latest season of Selling the OC has the internet talking- is Austin from Selling the OC gay?

Season 3 of Selling the OC- which just dropped today- finds Sean Palmieri and Austin Victoria in the middle of a rumor- and subsequent fight- that causes tension within the Oppenheim Group.

Selling the OC Season 3 Sean and Austin

The scene- which occurs in episode 3 of the series- shows Austin and Lisa out together discussing the situation, and Sean, Ali, and Kayla out separately, talking about the the same situation.

Austin Selling OC

Austin claims that Sean was invited to Austin and his wife Lisa’s house where the pair cooked Sean dinner, they all played Oculus together and Lisa baked cookies. Austin claims Sean’s story is much different in the sense that Sean supposedly alleged that Austin and Lisa “drugged him” with marijuana cookies and tried to have a “three-way” with him.

“Are you f*cking kidding me,” states Lisa after hearing Austin tell her Sean’s alleged side of the story.

“My daughters are upstairs,” claims Austin, “Like, that guy has some sick sh*it going on in his head to even come up with that scenario.”

“Never had a three-way and it’s not going to be with you, Sean,” says Lisa.

“It ain’t gonna be f*cking you bro,” agrees Austin.

Sean and Austin Selling OC Fight

On the flip side, Sean claims that Austin and Lisa are a very “flirty couple.” He also alleges that Austin has been very “interesting” towards him in the past and allegedly “made moves” on him. He also claims that Austin’s wife has touched him saying that Sean is her “favorite” in the office. Sean claims he removed himself as a result. This rumor has had people talking online, alleging that Austin is gay.

Later on in the episode, Austin tries to confront Sean about the claims but Sean seemingly runs out of the office. Once Sean returns the two get into an argument where Austin alleges that Sean overstepped a boundary. Sean alleges that Austin told him all of this stuff that him and his wife were into and names things such as “foursomes.” Sean also claims that Austin made a move on him to which Austin denies these claims.

“You’re disgusting,” Austin tells Sean, continuing to call him “a pathological liar.”

Sean then claims that Austin hit on him, in which he also alleges Austin told him, “If I weren’t married, the things I would do to you.”

Sean alleges that Austin told him that he and Lisa were “experimenting.”

When Austin claims Sean is making “sh*t” up, the duo almost gets physical as Austin starts to push Sean. Then, other agents from the office step in to break up the fight. Austin goes on to claim that “It’s fine” if he was doing it as he is “happy to admit sh*t”  but for someone to say something that’s not true really “pisses” him off.

Austin maintains that Sean is making everything up while Sean claims that he would never make something like this up.

Austin Selling OC Reddit

In this Reddit thread from a few months back, people have discussed Austin from Selling the OC and rumors surrounding his sexuality.

“Does no one else get a gay vibe from Austin?” claimed one user.

There is no concrete evidence to support claims that Austin is gay- this is all rumored speculation and Austin has denied Sean’s allegations. What are your thoughts on this fight between Sean and Austin?

What are your thoughts on this fight?

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