CAUTION: Spoliers for Selling the OC Season 3 ahead!

A new season of Selling the OC just landed and fans are wondering about Alex Hall’s alleged new boyfriend following a supposed falling out with Tyler Stanaland.

Alex Hall TikTok Boyfriend

According to this article by Bustle, Hall reportedly revealed that she started dating a “TikTok Executive” who remains a mystery. Their relationship seemingly began during the latest season of Selling the OC on Netflix. This supposedly occurred after she shared a kiss with Stanaland at the end of Season 2 and the two eventually had a falling out. However, there are scenes throughout the series that show Hall and Stanaland navigating their relationship.

Alex Hall Boyfriend

Hall previously described her new beau as a “Global Marketing Director” but his identity is never revealed.

Hall referred to this mystery man as a “catch” during the latest season but as of right now, her relationship status remains uncertain. As this interview article claims, Hall seemingly called her relationship quits with this TikTok man by the finale’s end. When describing what allegedly happened between the two she said the below (to Bustle):

“He’s a very private person, but we’re no longer dating. He’s pursuing his career and dreams in London. As a working single mom, my priorities are here. So, unfortunately, that became unrealistic.”

Alex Hall Dating

Following the premiere of Selling the OC Season 3, it is unclear if Hall is currently in a relationship after news broke that she and this TikTok mystery man had called it quits. Allegedly, Hall and Stanaland no longer talk.

Stanaland is also no longer working at the Oppenheim Group.

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