Have you ever thought that your baby would look so cute if they had clothes that looked similar to your style? Do you love Joe Fresh and Club Monaco? Well, the creators behind these two stores are creating a baby lifestyle brand called Rise Little Earthlings and it is launching across Canada this June. 


Rise Little Earthlings or RLE is a modern brand for babies and kids ages 0-6 who want to dream, play, and live in a better world. The inspiration came to creator Joe Mimran when he thought of creating a playful aesthetic but with modern patterns like his very own signature stripes. With the idea of earth friendliness in mind, Mimran focused on creating a line for children based on building a better world for future generations, like leaders, artists and innovators. 

Developing children’s brain’s and thoughts at a young age is very important, and instilling in them positive and reaffirming notions about the earth and how to take care of it, or how to take care of yourself is very important. 

RLE is showing that their brand is changing the narrative of children’s clothing. Not only making them more stylish, with modern patterns and designs but making them more inspiring. There will be 4 different categories to derive from: play, party, splash and dream. Each of these allows for parents to be able to have a variety of options, that seems appropriate or an event or occasion without missing the mark or seeming over or underdresses. Yes, children can be overdressed. 

Photo credit: Rise Little Earthlings

Having a line that is specific to play, allows for comfort and the ability to have fun. A category like a party can show creativity, and spark artistry among children. While the dream may want to put your children to sleep, but it is known that parents can dream about their children changing the world and making it a better place. 

Each garment is not only a representation of the future and showing the care for your child’s dreams and ambitions, but also about your child themselves. Parents want a brand that is comfortable, stylish but also healthy. Each garment is made for easy care and is knitted with 100% organic cotton, allowing for hypoallergenic and sustainability for the future of the garment itself. 

Rise Little Earthlings is launching this June 2021 and will have many styles that match your babies personality to a T, with modern looks your baby will have fun and look super adorable. RLE is launching in over 80 stores across Canada and will be available to order online across North America. Styles like these are super affordable from a price range between $6-$29, you won’t be able to get enough of your kid’s cuteness at a great price.