Royersford woman found dead on January 18th after missing from January 4th.

Jennifer Brown from Royersford went missing on January 4th after not showing up to pick up her son from the bus stop. The mom’s body was not recovered until January 18th and an arrest was made this morning.

A business associate of Jennifers, Blair Watts was the last person to have communication with her and he was taken into custody this morning. Authorities believe that Watts was trying to cover up his crime before reporting his work colleague Jennifer missing.

Royersford Woman Found Dead

The thirty-three-year-old male is being held without bail and he is being charged with first-degree murder, third-degree murder, theft and a number of other offences.

Jennifer’s body was discovered in a shallow grave outside of a local business on January 18th. The cause of death was listed as homicide and Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said that investors noted there was “no mystery” that Watts had involvement in her murder.

Evidence was found by a K-9 cadaver in Watts car and GPS data from his cell phone indicated that he was at the location that Jennifers body was found. There were also strange transactions made on Jennifers phone after she was already missing. So far there has been no specific motive given for the killing.