Dior is the french word to mean ‘golden’, and Dior is everything that represents the word. Dior’s elegance is never not seen, during any collection, or any fashion week Dior will always stay true to their brand. Creative director Maria Gracia Chiuri, elevates the ideas that Dior has always carried, and turned them into beauty, ‘disturbing beauty’. 

Paris fashion week’s show is always one to look forward to, as being part of the show is the best part of having an audience, now without one, Dior’s cinematic runway took the stage in Versaille and turned fashion into fantasy. 

The opening of the show truly showcased what you expect from a fairytale land-like beauty and the beast, dark moonlit pathways leading up into the foggy ensemble of ballerinas dancing in the night. The balance between movement and scenery gives the audience a bigger aspect of the concept of the show. As the runway finally starts every aspect of Dior is present. Elegant in material and silhouettes, Dior shines with lace and tulle, pairing many of these with crisp white dress shirts or long floor-length dresses. 

Many of these looks accentuate the female figure, snatched waists, and long-length trousers to define the height. Many of these looks paired off with clean cuts and minimal layering. Each piece from Dior is meant to stand out on its own, rather than together as an ensemble. 

The idea behind Beauté Dérangeante or Disturbing Beauty was to help women realize who they are, as the runway was lined with mirrors, it was to show the models reflecting on their own beauty, a beauty that they themselves have and one that the clothes brought to their image as well. 

As the cinematic experience of ‘disturbing beauty’ is played on during the show, you cannot help but see the resemblance between Dior’s background dancers and how alike they are to the film of the same concept Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino. It is always the beauty of the woman that truly reflects itself when it is known to do and be great things, and Dior has shown women what beauty can be.

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