As an intro to a post-apocalyptic film might resemble the opening to Rick Owens fw21 womenswear show, but, it is nothing short of that. Owens created a show that resembled his brand perfectly, dark masculine colours and silhouettes, with a theme that was out of this world, literally. 

A very alien meets world vibe was taking place on the beach, just across the street from Owens house, as he stated to Vogue “Doing these shows without an audience is becoming a kind of private ceremony because we’re sort of doing it for ourselves.” 

This show is exactly what resembles that past year, being alone, and doing everything we need for ourselves to get us through the day. Owens womenswear collection resembles much of what everyone is now wearing for comfort and ability, knits, puffers, and bodysuits. Although the starship/alien vibe isn’t what many people are expecting to happen, it honestly could. 

Owens took this world we are living in and created a cinematic show through fashion to describe or even explain what cannot be explained. With oddly shaped puffers that look like you’re flying off to the moon, and bodysuits that fit the bill, Owens took what was needed in terms of comfort and created fashion from the chaos. 

From the idea of the world we are living in and the past worlds we have only heard about, Owens titled this show GETHSEMANE, the biblical garden where Jesus prayed the night before his crucifixion, asking for God’s help. This resembles the climate of the world we are living in, and makes sense as Rick Owens embraces this change in fashion and creates it into art. 

Watch the full runway video here to experience the cinematic universe of Rick Owens.