S.S Daley or should we say Steven Stokey Daley’s second appearance at London Fashion Week was nothing short of a play within a fashion show. 


Last year SS. Daley premiered for the first time at LFW and this year Daley brought the same ideas with him but amplified them. On the runway, the ‘models’ or should we say ‘actors’ walked around the set of a four-poster bed, a long dining table and a garden picnic under a tree. This show for Daley was about breaking down the constructs of classic English home and upbringing and therefore making it a “little queerer.” 

The show blended men’s and women’s tailoring, classic English knitwear and cardigans and of course the iconic oxford white shirt. The styles included mixing silhouettes for men and women, placing men in wide-legged trousers, and women in oversized suiting, everything about SS. DALEY’s show was about “the dissolution of the English stately home.” 

Look 4:


The young actor is wearing ultra-wide leg, double-pleated black pinstripe trousers, and pairing it with a classic black tank top accented with a hat that matches the pinstripe trouser. The cut of these pants is the main focus of the piece from Daley, showcasing a trouser with such flare that in a traditional sense a woman would be the one to wear them. 

Look 10:


This look is both mixed with tradition and breaks boundaries. The female model is wearing a classic checked pattern suit, although the jacket is form fitting to her silhouette, the trouser is oversized and flares out which is both a female trait in fashion, but brings in more masculinity because the garment is more male-oriented. 

Look 14:


This look may just make you think of an old English sailor, but truly this look is something that breaks those gender norms. The classic look of masculinity is still there with these pieces but accentuates the feminine side. The knit jumper having an open shoulder with a long tie is classic to female garments, while the boxer shorts are not only revealing but show more skin in the overall look, bridging the gap between masculine and feminine. 

These looks by S.S Daley are one of the crowd favourites from London Fashion Week, and you can guarantee to see them on many celebrities, including our favourite gender-fluid pop star, Harry Styles. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine