Why is Sarah Comrie trending online? All about the pregnant NYC hospital worker who made the news recently.

Pregnant NYC hospital worker Sarah Comrie made the news recently after being accused of stealing CitiBike from a black man. However, Comrie claims that she has the receipt to prove the CitiBike was hers.

Sarah Comrie Bike Video

A 90-second video of Comrie fighting with a black man over CitiBike has gone viral, with Comrie reportedly receiving “death threats” over the incident, as mentioned in this article. However, Comrie has the receipts to prove the CitiBike was in fact hers.

A video re-posted on TikTok by user @Aprnbeauty81_backup shows clips of the incident:


@nyshealthhospital She needs to be held accountable! nursesoftikoksarahcomriefypシkaren

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In the video Comrie can be heard yelling. “Help me” as she is surrounded by men and can be seen arguing with them over the CitiBike.

Comrie is not reportedly in hiding due to the incident and has been placed on “administrative leave pending a review” at the hospital she works at. She is worried about losing her job due to the events that transpired which were caught on video. Comrie has been called “racist” and a “thief” despite having the receipt to demonstrate that the CitiBike was actually hers.

A GoFundMe page has supposedly been set up for Comrie in order to help her pay for her legal bills.

Sarah Comrie Reddit

Here’s what some people had to say about the incident on Reddit in this trending thread:

Poor woman, does a 12 hour shift, just wants to get home, gets her ride stolen and then is harassed about it. Why all the flak?” asked one user.

“In one week I’ve read: She was trying to get a free bike by taking the young man’s rental. She rented her own bike and was just completely misunderstood. She rented a bike for less than a minute, canceled before any charge, and then tried to take advantage of the next person renting the bike. Who even knows the truth at this point. What I did notice though, was her very performative ‘acting’ and carrying on for the cameras,” stated another.

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