The woman accused of stealing Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs claims in an absolutely astounding lawsuit that the singer never paid up the $500,000 prize she promised to cover the dogs’ loss, and she is now asking a judge to order the artist to pay up, TMZ reported.

Lady Gaga's Dogs Were Found 'Safe' After Armed Robbery

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According to TMZ, Jennifer McBride claims that when Gaga announced the prize in February 2021 following the theft of her dogs Koji and Gustav from her dog walker under gunpoint, she made it very plain that she would pay the $500k “no questions asked.”

On February 26, two days after they were stolen, McBride claims to have given the dogs back to Gaga at the LAPD Olympic Communities station. Later it was discovered that McBride was allegedly dating the father of one of the men accused of attacking Gaga’s dog walkers.

Receiving stolen property and being an accessory charge were brought against McBride in relation to the incident and she entered a no contest plea to one count of receiving stolen property and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Ryan Fischer is reportedly in stable condition and texted a friend from his hospital bed after being shot.

Image Credit: Instagram

Ryan Fischer, Gaga’s dog walker, was walking three of Gaga’s puppies in Los Angeles on February 24, 2021, when a group of men drew up in a car, jumped out, and grabbed the two dogs while also shooting Fischer.

Police believe James Howard Jackson to be the trigger man. Jackson pled not guilty to a charge of attempted murder and received a 21-year prison term.

Lady Gaga first revealed the award in an Instagram post where she also acknowledged her sadness. She wrote: “My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness. I will pay $500,000 for their safe return.”

“Or, if you bought or found them unknowingly, the reward is the same. I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero”

McBride requests that the court trebled the damages to $1.5 million for allegedly posting the deceptive prize in addition to the $500,000 in compensation.

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