Sazan is our go to for pretty much anything. Hair and beauty are just some of Sazan’s forte’s, but dare we place her immaculate sense of style at the top of her ‘jack of all trades’ list. This outfit is proof that it belongs there. Just when you were getting tired of wearing the same type of outfit out every night, Sazan is here to put a major flare (literally) into nighttime get up.

The colour choice is so sophisticated, just like the whole outfit. Though Sazan is small, the high-waist, wide-legged trouser elongates her legs to make her look tall and model-like (she already does, but you get what I mean).

To add to the notion of longness, the crop is shaped perfectly to give length to the midriff area. The fuzzy bag is that essential accessory to stamp the trend of fluffy items.

What makes the outfit extra sleek is Sazan’s simple yet matching makeup, and pin straight hair. Ouf.


Top: Topshop

Pants: GUESS

Heels: Steve Madden

Bag: Topshop


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Written by: Julia Shelton