Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco dating confirmed? Apparently!

Selena Gomez Boyfriend

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, Gomez is allegedly “fighting for her life” in the comments after seemingly announcing her relationship with Benny Blanco on social media.

Gomez took to Instagram to share a new story post- allegedly of the pair together.

Selena Gomez And Benny Blanco

As HOLR previously reported here, the duo were rumored to be hooking up after this related article claimed that Deuxmoi- a celeb gossip platform, alleged that Gomez and Blanco had allegedly been seeing each other since before the Spring.

The TikTok video above claims Gomez has been “fighting” trolls who have been commenting on her alleged new relationship. Some people also took to the comment section of the above TikTok video to claim Gomez has been claiming she’s been single this whole time even though it is rumored the pair have been seeing each other for approximately 6 months.

Selena Gomez Boyfriend Benny Blanco Dating Confirmed

Image Credit: Instagram

Although there is no concrete evidence to support how long the duo have reportedly been together- even though it is rumored Gomez replied in the comments saying 6 months- what do you think about Gomez announcing this news?

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