Storytelling is everything, whether in the commercial world, the fashion industry, or significant film projects. And when it comes to visual storytelling through style curation and design, getting the message right can often take time and effort. Selena Xin Jin’s innovative approach has helped her become a rapidly rising star within the style and design industry.

Selena Xin Jin is a stylist and designer who won plaudits last year after working on major projects, including TIKTOK LIVE FEST Campaign 2023  and the FILA CHINA Tennis Campaign. The diverse array of projects, swinging between social media fashionistas and athleisure brand worlds, came as a much-needed breather for the designer after the jam-packed schedules for films. With the success of both campaigns, Selena has yet again proved to be a formidable force of creativity.

In the TikTok Live Fest Campaign, Selena’s main job responsibilities involved styling the content creators (TikTokers) for the campaign. Her process began with researching the brand’s aesthetic and target audience, followed by conversations with the creative team to brainstorm the storyline and concept. Selena also researched the TikTokers to understand their personality and style better. She then created mood boards to align with the director, producer, and client before proceeding to the shopping phase. Selena selected or designed garments and accessories that reflected the brand’s style and resonated with the target audience during this phase. She ensured that the clothing and accessories did not conflict with the branding and conducted fittings with models to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, Selena worked on set, bringing the styling vision to life in collaboration with the team.

Selena was the stylist for the FILA China Tennis Campaign. She worked closely with the brand to select and style the garments with accessories, ensuring they fit the models and looked great on camera.

When comparing commercial projects to film production, Selena highlighted the importance of communication in both cases. However, in commercial projects, the brand and product take center stage, and everything revolves around the branding concept and target customer. Commercial project timelines are typically shorter, requiring more efficient work to meet deadlines. Selena also mentioned that commercial projects often involve more people in the conversation, including directors, producers, and clients. Selena Xin Jin enhances her work’s viewer engagement and emotional connection through several strategies and techniques. She curates her color schemes on TikTok by ensuring that the clothing and accessories worn by the creator’s pop on screen. She carefully selects vibrant, eye-catching colors that create a visually cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. By choosing the right color choices, she made this video very engaging and shareable, resonating with viewers.

Selena collaborated with Halo Interactive Entertainment and director Haohao Yan on the TikTok Live Fest Campaign. Halo Interactive Entertainment is an award-winning production house based in LA, known for its work with renowned brands such as TikTok, Bytedance, 361 Degree, Adidas, and Unilever.  Selena described her experience working with Halo interactive as smooth and efficient, with effective communication throughout the project. Director Haohao Yan, an LA-based writer/director, created a collaborative environment where ideas were freely exchanged, and everyone’s input was valued. Selena appreciated the trust and collaboration built with the director and producer, creating a fulfilling creative experience.

Selena Xin Jin was chosen as the stylist for the TikTok creators’ LIVE FEST Campaign due to her successful celebrity styling experience and strong understanding of the digital platform. Her impressive portfolio demonstrated her skill in capturing and transforming the latest trends into captivating styling content. The decision-makers believed her creative vision and meticulous attention to detail would be essential for the campaign’s success.

For the FILA China Tennis Campaign, Selena worked with producer Piki Zhou, an accomplished producer with experience in the film and commercial industries. Selena and Piki had previously collaborated on a film project, establishing a positive working relationship based on mutual trust and respect. The collaboration with photographer Dmitry Bocharov was their first, but they quickly established a strong working relationship. Selena’s ability to work with color and maintain FILA’s bold and vibrant aesthetic played a crucial role in her selection as the stylist for the campaign. Her expertise in working with color and her understanding of the brand’s identity made her a perfect fit. 

The most challenging part of Selena’s involvement in the two commercials varied. The minimum amount of detailed information about the creators posed a challenge for the TikTok Live Fest Campaign, but Selena’s experience and knowledge allowed her to make informed estimates and source the correct items. For the FILA China Tennis Campaign, the significant time zone differences when working with an overseas client led to delays in communication and required flexibility in scheduling meetings and approvals.

Selena Xin Jin also put consideration on the sensory aspects of her projects in styling and design. She explores lighting, sound, texture, and other sensory elements which would affect the styling decisions to create a multi-dimensional experience that stimulates the viewers’ senses and enhances their emotional responses. By appealing to multiple senses, Selena makes a more immersive and impactful experience, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

An additional rewarding aspect was observing the positive response from the audience. The satisfaction came from witnessing viewers actively engaging with the content, expressing their appreciation through positive comments, and sharing the videos with others. One notable example is the TikTok LIVE FEST Campaign, comprising six short videos. The most viewed video within the campaign amassed an impressive 378.1 million views and 142.1K likes. The other videos also received substantial viewership, ranging from 10 million to 374.8 million views. This enthusiastic audience engagement affirmed the creative efforts put into the campaign and emphasized the effectiveness of collaboration in producing captivating and impactful content. 

Overall, Selena Xin Jin’s ability to engage viewers and foster emotional connections in her work stems from her understanding of storytelling, incorporating interactive elements, and carefully considering sensory experiences. These elements combined create a dynamic and captivating experience that resonates with the audience on a deeper level.

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