Bre versus Cassandra on Selling Sunset- what happened?

Caution: Selling Sunset Season 7 spoilers ahead!

Selling Sunset Bre

According to this article posted by Us Magazine, The Bre versus Cassandra fight on the latest season of Selling Sunset is allegedly more scandalous than we initially witnessed. Bre is one of the agents from the Oppenheim Group while Cassandra was recently introduced in the latest season of the show, in which she claimed to know Bre from back in the day.

This TikTok video posted by user @bravandyalt shows the fight that ensued between the pair during season 7’s final episode.


My girl, Chelsea, said, “you want a finale? Roll the cameras” 🤭 #SellingSunset

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As mentioned in the article, Bre claimed the following via Instagram following the series’ release, when she was asked about the fight and her reaction:

“They did not show the whole thing no or the big reason why I snapped. Let’s just say it was too disgusting to even air.”

When another fan on social media asked Bre to spill more tea on the explosive scene and Cassandra, Bre stated 9on social media), “Well let’s see how much is shown in the reunion first 👀.”

Bre claims to have “never met this girl” when referring to Cassandra so fans are curious to see if Bre addresses the drama in the latest reunion episode dropping soon. The Netflix reunion special is set to air on November 15.

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