Sephora Canada is excited to unveil its second Diwali campaign in celebration of the Diwali Festival of Lights in November. 

In an exciting announcement from the brand- and following the success of its inaugural Diwali campaign in 2020- Sephora Canada is inviting its clients to reignite the light this year as they get ready for the Festival of Lights, with the perfect assortment of products to achieve bright and bold Diwali looks. So how is the brand celebrating the holiday this time around in the second unveiling? Featured looks from the campaign launch include Supercharged GlamDramatic EyesPower Pout, and Cast a Glow, which is all brought to life with a range of products readily available at Sephora Canada. 

To help bring these stunning looks to life, four new local Canadian collaborators in distinctive Diwali beauty looks are featured in the campaign images and videos, including content creators Gurleen Gill (@glambygilly, – find her campaign video here) and Durka Murugananthan (@durka.muru, – find her campaign video here) who share some of their favourite Diwali traditions and describe what the holiday means to them.

Also introduced in this year’s campaign are:

Ramie Veerappan: A true representation of the fact that beauty has no age limit. As a South African of South Asian descent, Ramie faced racism and segregation during Apartheid. After moving to Canada as a single mother, Ramie was driven by her ambition and goodwill to be a strong advocate for women, opening a nursing agency in Canada for mothers and babies and becoming the first woman of colour in Canada to become a pharmaceutical representative.

Ruby Dhillon (@dhillon_ruby): The CEO & Founder of the non-profit Pink Attitude which focuses on empowering South Asian women to achieve their full potential in their chosen endeavors. Before the campaign, Sephora Canada recently became the exclusive retail partner of a Pink Attitude study being conducted by CulturaliQ, which focuses on identifying the barriers that prevent South Asian women from fully realizing their potential, to find new opportunities for them in the Canadian workforce.

Interested in learning more and shopping the products from the campaign lookbook? All products from the campaign are available at For instance, you can shop all of the items used in the attached link below to achieve a supercharged glam look!


Happy Diwali from HOLR Magazine! Wishing you a Diwali that brings happiness prosperity and joy to you and all your family.

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