Sephora has announced their new campaign ‘Beauty We Love’ a campaign set to help launch an initiative of brand offering, for BIPOC owned beauty brands. This new initiative for Sephora Canada has launched with a goal and a promise to integrate more BIPOC brands and have up to 25% of its inventory to be these brands.


Sephora has a goal of 25% that needs to be reached by 2026. This goal is already over halfway fulfilled as Sephora has 15% of their inventory being BIPOC brands. Many brands have been with Sephora for a long time, but just launched as part of the Beauty We Love campaign, Sephora is showcasing more brands to their clients. 

Brands like TULA, Pattern, Fashion Fair, Pat McGrath Labs, Huda, FENTY Beauty, and Glow Recipe, are all new brands and products launching at Sephora, in stores and online. 

To help launch this new initiative, Sephora has collaborated with artists and content creators to showcase these brands’ looks from these brands and much more. 

Content creators Stephanie Valentine, Destinee Wray and Ilekkiya Suppiah, alongside activist and model Cara McArthur, will showcase beauty looks done and created with products from Sephoras BIPOC brands. Some products include Iconic Lipstick by Fashion Flair, Mothership IX Eyeshadow Pallet by Pat McGrath, and Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Triple Drip Veil Pallett. 

Not only is Sephora creating a brand initiative to showcase more BIPOC brands, but is part of the 2022 Accelerate program, a program that will help incubate BIPOC brands. 


Many of the BIPOC are well on their way to become known brands, but for some, having Sephora sell their product means more endorsement and attention.  A highly anticipated brand coming to the ‘Beauty We Love’ campaign and Sephora is the Cheekbone Beauty brand. This is an indigenous brand, a brand that Sephora is proud to share its unique range of beauty products. 

Sephora creating an initiative to bring front the brands and really make an effort to give these brands a platform truly means something in the beauty industry. Many women and men of colour we unable be to represented because brands that represented them would not have such a platform. For women like Rihanna and Tracee Ellis Ross, they too grew up with the same understanding, and have now used their platforms to create BIPOC brands in order to be the representation that is needed. Now, boys/girls, men and women can go to Sephora and confidently be able to find palettes, hair, and other beauty products that represent them and their needs. 

Launched September 9th on both social media and you can now access these products and brands easily. 

Article Published by HOLR Magazine

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